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What should you do if you need to sell urgently?

We explain all your options and how to speed up your sale.

I need to sell my house as quickly as possible? What can I do! As a sell house fast company, believe us when we say we know the secret ingredients needed to secure and fulfil that urgent sale need.

In this article we’ve taken a look at the ideal buyer you need to attract, some of the quickest ways to sell your home and some of the options that you have available to you – as well as the added bonus on giving you some of our top tips to push through a house sale as quickly as possible.

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Our Urgent Sale Hub

Needing a quick sale for your property? There are a couple of things that you should consider before jumping into a Sell House Fast service such as ours, we've written a few in-depth guides on the topic for you below:

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The ideal buyer you're looking for

If you’re urgently looking to sell a property then you want a buyer that’s ready and prepared to match your deadline. The best thing to do in this situation is simply to ask the buyer if they meet a few set criteria – and here are the main things that will mean your buyer can progress quicker than most:

  • Buying with cash

The most ideal buyer that can move far quicker than a mortgage buyer is a person who can buy your property outright with cash. This strips out a significant amount of time in the typical house sale process, which is the approval from a mortgage company for the funds.

  • Experience with property

It’s advantageous to sell to a person who has experience buying and selling property regularly, typically an investor. The reason for this is they will likely have developed a bit of a team around them including good bonds with certain solicitors which will mean they can generally push through purchases quicker than your everyday buyer.

  • Not in a chain

If you’re buyer is selling a property at the same time as buying yours, and relying on the funds of that sale, then you’re at the mercy of their buyer. Chains slow the process down, a lot! If you want to sell quickly, then it just isn’t an option to sell to someone who is a in a chain, or at least one that isn’t ready to proceed.

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If time isn’t as much of a rush, there are a few other things you can consider

  • First time buyers

If you have a bit more time, then you might want to consider a first time buyer. They are in a position that they can proceed pretty quickly. They will still however need approval for a mortgage and are inexperienced on what they need to do when purchasing a property, so it won’t be as quick as any of our prior suggestions.

What’s the quickest way to sell your home?

The quickest way you can sell your home is simply to use Sell House Fast companies like ourselves. We can buy your house in as little as 7 days, which is far quicker than any other option or investors that you could sell too, so if time is of the essence, then we could be a great option for you.

We’ve spent years perfecting our process to make it as quick as possible, forging relationships with solicitors and really making sure we take all the hassle and stress out of selling your home. Our fantastic customer service, and the ability to buy for cash, means that we can purchase homes extremely quickly.

There are a few other quick ways to sell your property, but using a cash buying company is by far the quickest.

What are quick house sale companies?

You’re next question might be what exactly are quick house sale companies? These companies generally offer one core service, which is referred to as “Sell House Fast”.

It’s a solution to selling your home which offers a simple and stress free option to a typically tedious process. In return for a quick sale, you will be offered a below market value deal for your property – which when you visit ourselves mostly depends on the condition of the property and the area.

In return for the reduced offer most of these companies will cover your costs, including the solicitors, and on top you don’t have to pay estate agency fees. It’s not a service that works for everyone, but if you need an urgent sale, it’s extremely efficient and you can still get a fair price for your property – especially when you consider the saving estate agent fees & time, which in turn means utility bills, council tax and more.

You can find out more detail about the Sell House Fast service by clicking here.

You still have alternative options

As we touched on, a sell house fast service doesn’t quite work for everyone, because understandably there are a lot of people that are unable to take a below market value offer. If you need a quick sale, you still have a few options that can really speed up the process, here are a few of the top ones:

Staging The Property

If you’ve got your house on the market, one of the reasons it might not be selling is that the viewers just can’t see themselves living there. We know you love your home, and the way it’s decorated, but it might not be to everyone’s taste.

You want to ensure that the property is decorated in a neutral way and all the furniture is well staged and where it should be – such as the living room having a TV for instance! You need to set the house in a way that they can picture living in it.

An Asking Price They Can’t Resist!

You have to think long and hard about making this decision, because once you do it’s hard to turn back as people will always be able to tell you’ve reduced your property. That being said, if you’re not getting the traction, it could be how much you’re asking for.

If you need to sell urgently, then you want to ensure you’re beating all the local comparable properties in terms of price, so much so, people just can’t help but look twice!

The risk here is if you reduce your price, and you still don’t sell, then it will affect how much a sell house fast company such as ourselves can offer you.

Changing Estate Agents (Multi-Agent)

Your final option to speed things up might be to change estate agents. Not all estate agents are equal, and some will go well beyond simply listing your property on Rightmove, making regular tweaks to the descriptions, changing your pictures, sending the property out to their mailing list and more!

Another option you have aside from changing estate agents is to just have two advertising your property. For this you will need to talk to your estate agent and ensure they allow this within the contract. The down side of having two estate agents is it makes you look desperate to sell, and therefore you may receive a lower offer.

We'll buy your home in as little as 7 days!

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Deciding which sale option is right for you

You’re here because you want to sell urgently, we know that! But it really depends how urgently, and how willing you are to be flexible on the price. Let’s touch on some of the main ways to sell your home, and who they might be suitable for below.

Sell House Fast Service

Most cash house buying companies quote they can buy your house in as little as 7 days. They will not be able to offer you full market value, as their a business. It’s a suitable option for those who need a guaranteed sale extremely quickly and have a fair bit of equity built up in the property, as we are not allowed to leave customers in negative equity.

Estate Agents

You might want to sell quickly and it’s still possible through an estate agent, but you need to get everything right, including your pricing. You’re probably still looking at 18 weeks minimum to sell this way, as you’re relying on the general public buying your home, and they will likely need a mortgage – unless you are lucky enough to come across a cash buyer, but that’s fairly irregular especially if your property is £100k+.

Property Auction

This might be suitable if you have a property that’s unique, or might appeal to investors due to it’s need for renovation or high yield opportunity. If you’re property fits the criteria that the auctioneer feels is going to sell well then this could be an option for a quicker sale than the open market. That being said, it still takes a while to prepare your house for auction and there’s no guarantee it will say on the day itself. You’re looking at anywhere between 6-10 weeks to sell through this method.

Part Exchange

This is when you’re buying a new build home, they will offer you the ability to part exchange your old one in return for money off the new property – just like part exchanging a car. It’s quick, really quick in fact, because a lot of the time they use a property buying company to take the property off their hands, however, this usually comes at a cost. Therefore there is usually a premium that’s higher than a sell house fast company, and the process is usually slightly slower, so we wouldn’t recommend going for this option.

EXTRA: Top tips to push through a house purchase quickly!

We’ve come up with a few bonus tips as fast sale property experts, with our insight into how you can make your property sell quicker & generally make the process as smooth as possible:

Choosing a good solicitor

This is one of the biggest things when it comes to speeding up the process – solicitors can be very slow! Make sure you read the reviews and even ask family and friends for recommendations, it can be hard to judge how much attention a solicitor is going to give to your file, so it can be luck of the draw a lot of the time.

Pick the right buyer

As we touched on before you want to sell to someone who is a cash buyer, or isn’t in a property chain. Selling someone experienced with property is also advantageous as it will often mean they have relationships with people like solicitors to ensure a quicker purchase.

Chase, chase, chase – you need to put in the leg work

It’s a pain, when you’re paying for the solicitors and mortgage you want it to all be done for you. In reality, they are working with hundreds of different people in your situation, and unfortunately you’re just one of those in the pile. If you are constantly chasing them, trying to get updates and push things along, you tend to find they want to clear your file quicker than the rest.

Start the legal process as soon as possible

This should go without saying, but try have everything lined up before you actually sell. Know exactly which conveyancer or solicitor you are going to go to and have all the documents ready to go before you even instruct them.

As soon as you sell your property, act quickly. It’s also incredibly important to sign all the documentation and fill out any required information and return it as quick as possible to prevent any foreseeable delays.

Picking the right time of the year

If you need to sell urgently, the chance is that you don’t have the luxury to pick the time of the year you’re looking to actually sell. That being said, we thought we would make you aware of it anyway, as the best time to sell is generally spring, if possible try and avoid winter as people often don’t like to view in the dark or any periods that are popular with holidays, like summer.

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