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Your Sale Options

In this article we take a deep dive into your different sale options, and how long you can expect it to take.

Are you looking for the quickest way to sell your property? As a company our core service as a cash buyer is “Sell House Fast”, but is our service right for you, or should you perhaps consider another option? In this article, we explore the fastest ways are for your to sell your home, and what options might be best for you, in your personal situation.

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Our Fast House Sale Content Hub

If you're looking for a fast sale, you might have a few questions about how long it takes, what's the quickest way to achieve your sale or even if it's the right service for you in your particular situation. Not to worry, we've put together a little hub of guides and information for you that dig into each of those subjects in more detail:

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Is a Fast Sale Right For You?
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How Much Is My House Worth
How Much Is My House Worth?
You can read all about how to get a valuation, how you can value a property yourself and all about our valuation process on this very useful page.

We can provide you with a no obligation cash offer in 24 hours!

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About us & our service

As we touched on, we’re a cash house property buyer, but we like to think that we’re WAY more than that! We’re more of a property solution company, we work around your requirements – and we can buy your home in a timeframe that suits you and as well as offering a few tailored options depending upon what percentage of market value you require.

Our core service is our cash buying Sell House Fast option, in which we can buy your home in as little as 7 days. This service is perfect for those that don’t have the months to spare that the property market takes, and if you don’t want to have to think about the fees involved or the stress and the hassle of selling – we handle absolutely everything for you.

We’ve been in this industry for 10 years and are owned and managed by property professionals. At The Property Buying Company, we promise you that we’ll give you the best trade prices, complete quickly, offer a hassle-free sale solution and that we’re 100% cash buyers – we don’t rely on external funding or mortgages.

Your house sale options

That being said, if you’re looking to sell your house, then there are a lot of different options available to you. Although most only consider going to an estate agent, there might be alternatives that are better suited to what you might require – we’ve given you a rundown of all your different sale options and how long you can expect it to take with each of them.

Sell House Fast “Cash Buyers”

As we’ve just touched on, this is the main service we offer. A fast house sale service, which is when a company buys your property for cash – they usually have a network of built-up relationships to speed up the other aspects of purchase too, such as solicitors and surveyors.

It’s a good solution for those that need to sell their house quickly, as it’s likely the fastest sale option available to you. That being said, in return for the speed of sale, the companies will offer you a reduced price on your market value. A

The amount below market value varies per company, but if they’re promising a value that is too good to be true, it probably is!

Estimated time to sale: 7-10 Days

Estate Agents

This is by far the most popular way to sell your home in the UK, by going to either an online or more traditional estate agent. They essentially list your property on portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla & more, waiting for the general public to enquire and view your property.

The main benefit of this is that you can often achieve close to market value, considering your property has attracted a lot of interest & you don’t accept an offer too low. On the other hand, there’s no control over how quickly your property will sell and it could remain on the market for months – so if you need to sell by a specific time, it’s not the ideal method.

You can counter this by picking a good estate agent and pricing your property competitively enough when compared to similar properties in your area.

Estimated time to sale: 18-19 Weeks

Property Auction

A property auction is another alternative method, which is often popular with certain kinds of properties such as those that present a good rental yield or are in need of refurbishment. If your property fits into those categories, it might be worth considering. The way you would get started doing this is by speaking to an auctioneer, they will give you an idea of if your property is suitable and how much they feel you could potentially achieve.

Auctions are great for particular types of property and you may even achieve a higher value than you expect, it can be competitive and for the most part chain free. The biggest downside is that the sale isn’t guaranteed, and there’s added uncertainty with how much you will actually achieve on top of that the entry fees can be pretty high.

People often think the property auction route is a quick way of selling, and it typically can be quicker than the open market, but there is a significant amount of time that you have to put in pre-auction – it’s not just the day itself!

Estimated time to sale: 6-10 Weeks

Part Exchanging

If you’re looking to buy a new build property then the company that you approach to view a home might offer you the opportunity to part exchange your current property. It seems like an intriguing prospect, because whilst you’re buying your new home, which can be costly in itself, you won’t have the hassle or cost associated with selling privately.

Property exchanges are just like any other property transaction, apart from the developer you are buying from are the ones that will be buying your property – or at least on the face of it. That being said, you will get a below market value offer because the developer is taking the risk of buying your property, and a lot of the time they actually have relationships with a cash house buying companies, but share the profit.

We would not recommend selling through a part exchange, as it takes longer and you will likely achieve less value than going directly to a sell house fast company.

Estimated time to sale: 4 Weeks

We can buy your home in as little as 7 days - for cash!

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Ways to speed up your sale

If you have your property on the market or are looking into different sale options – before trying alternatives it might be worth looking at some methods you can use to try and speed up your sale, so without further ado, here are some of our top tips!

Changing estate agents

If you’re on the market with an estate agent, they might not be doing everything they can to sell your property. If the viewings are driving up and you get the feeling that the estate agents aren’t doing enough, it could be time for a switch.

You want to choose an agent that goes the extra mile, they should have a list of investors or people they know who are interested in your property before they even launch it. Ask the agents a lot of questions and look at their reviews, or speak to people that have used them before to get a good idea of whether they are worth it!


A twist on the above and changing agent is actually simply just to put multiple agents on the job! You’ll have to clear this with your original agent as they might not be happy with a multi-agent agreement. If they are however, then it might give you extra exposure to an agent & it adds an element of competition between the two.

On the downside, if people find your property listed through multiple agents it can make you look a bit more desperate to sell and therefore they may result in you getting lower offers.

The asking price

Another stumbling block may be the asking price. You might have valued your property too high when initially launching it. You might have to reduce the price your property is listed for, and we realise this can be a hard one to take, it’s a big decision you need to make it yourself – make sure you do all your own research looking at comparables and having a good idea of what your property is actually worth.

What we would say, reducing your property price can have an impact on the value it achieves if you choose to sell through another method. For instance, as a sell house fast company ourselves, we will offer you under the market value of your reduced price.

Staging the property

Another reason your property might be struggling to sell is that viewers just can’t see themselves living in the property. You likely love your home, and the way it’s decorated, but unfortunately, everyone might not see it the same! You want to ensure your house is decorated with neutral colours, and the furniture is well-staged.

Also – it should go without saying, but before each and every viewing make sure your house is as clean as possible!

Seeking an alternative sale method

Finally – if it’s just not working out for you, it might be time to seek one of the alternative methods we previously mentioned. Although most people go straight to estate agents, there are a lot more alternatives out there that might be better suited to your circumstances or property itself.

What’s the fastest way to sell your home?

Call us biased, but it’s the truth!

The fastest way you are going to be able to sell your home is to sell to a fast house buying company like ourselves. Our whole service is centred around the speed of the sale, and we really can buy your house FAST!

When you choose a fast house sale you’ll get a service that handles everything for you, taking all the stress and hassle out of the process. We also pay all the fees for you, including the solicitor costs and of course, getting an offer is completely free and no obligation.


Selling a property? We have a HASSLE & STRESS free solution.

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Is using a sell house fast company for me?

Now we’ve established that a sell house fast solution is by far the quickest way of selling your home, is it the right option for you? Despite the obvious bias, we are completely honest and transparent about our service.

It’s not for everyone.

This service is predominately aimed at people who need to sell within a set timeframe, for whatever reason. If you have time to spare, then you’re likely to achieve closer to market value. That being said, there are a few circumstances in particular in which people often find our service beneficial, which include:

  • Relocating – If you’re needing to relocate quickly and don’t want to have to manage the sale of your property, this service can offer the perfect solution.
  • Financial Difficulty – Need to release some equity in your home to tackle a tough financial situation? Or want to sell before the bank repossess your property? Cash house buyers can act quick enough to prevent that from happening.
  • Inherited a Property – Inheriting a property can be pretty tricky, because it comes with a host of extra bills and time, especially with probate. Often people just want to release the cash as quickly and hassle-free as possible, and that’s where this service can be beneficial.
  • Downsizing – There might be a multitude of reasons that you want to downsize, but from our experience, many people just don’t want the hassle of selling and are willing to exchange the time saved for a small amount of the market value. 
  • Divorce – Often when going through a divorce, the highest asset that you have to split is your property. A fast sale service offers a hassle-free solution and gives you one less, significant thing to worry about.

We go into more detail on advice and information about the service in general on our Sell House Fast page, here, so if you want to find out more about whether it’s for you, that’s the best place!

Why choose The Property Buying Company

If you do opt for a Sell House Fast service, there are quite a few companies that you can choose from, but we like to think we’re the best!

We’re more than just your standard house buying company. We’re run, operated and owned by property experts so you can rest assured you’re in knowledgeable hands. You also know that when you sell with us, you’re using a brand that you can trust – as we’re members of The National Association of Property Buyers and The Property Ombudsman and we have excellent Trustpilot reviews!

  • We'll buy your home in just 7 days
  • Get an offer in 24 hours
  • 100% guaranteed cash buyers - we are not middlemen!
  • We handle absolutely everything for you - no stress & no hassle
  • There are NO FEES! We even cover the cost of your solicitors

Want a no obligation FREE offer on your property? Just give us a call using the number below:

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How much can you get from our we buy any house service?

Complete a few details to see if your property qualifies and get a cash offer – remember we buy any property, in any condition, in any location!

5 simple steps to having your property sold!

Our quick (but thorough) 5 step sale process means we can buy your house fast and at a great price

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    Exchange contracts & complete as usual

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Independent reviews of our service from Trustpilot

Why choose us as your cash house buyers?

We’re one of the leading we buy any house UK companies for residential/commercial property and land in England and Wales. We buy using our own cash house buying facility meaning we can offer the best prices in our industry and complete the sale quicker than anyone else.

Your options Average sale length Typical cost to you
The Property Buying Company 2-3 weeks £0.00
Other House Buying Companies 2-10 weeks £1000
Property Auction 6-10 weeks £2500-£5000
Online Estate Agents 16-52 weeks £1000(upfront)-£5000
Estate Agents 16-52 weeks £5000

Unlike most of the other options available to you, we are not a broker or middle man, meaning you skip the fees and get a sale quickly and easily.

The Property Buying Company is registered with the Property Ombudsman and is a member of the National Association of Property Buyers

National Association of Property Buyers The Property Ombudsman

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