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What consent do I need from my spouse/partner in order to sell my house?

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It's a messy subject, but we understand that if you're going through a divorce or seperation then your home may be the largest asset you've both contributed too and you may be eager to sell the home just to move on with your life, but your husband or wife may not be in the same headspace. It's a question we quite regularly get, can you sell your home without your partners consent?

The answer is a little bit trickier than a simple yes or no. We've provided our expert insight as to your permissions on when you can and can't sell a home.

Can you sell your house without consent of spouse?

There are certain circumstances where you can fore the sale of your house. You can only sell the house without consent from your spouse (this includes civil partnerships) if they are not joint owners. If you are the only person named on the official copies or title deeds for the property then you are the sole owner and you would not fall into this category. This means you can sell, rent out or re-mortgage the property, do pretty much anything with the property that you want, without having to have your spouse’s permission.

Are they on the mortgage, or title deeds?

When we say joint ownership of a property this is what we mean. There is a big difference between being named on the mortgage and named on the title deeds, which you may have no realised. Being named on a mortgage means you have a responsibility for making payments, but does not automatically mean you’re a joint owner. Know the difference and where you stand before rushing into any action, your spouse can be on the mortgage but not the title deeds which would still mean you could sell the property.

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What can your spouse do if you are looking to sell?

If you look at selling the property because your spouse isn't a joint owner then there is still something they can do to try and block you from selling the property. Your spouse may apply for home rights in order to gain permission to stay within the property, which will obviously mean you are unable to sell for a period of time. If they apply for this then the Land Registry will contact you to let you know and provide a bit of isnight into what it may mean. What you will need to do if this happens is to seek legal advice to try and redeem the right to sell your property.

If your spouse has paid towards the mortgage, any home improvements or construction work on the property then they can apply for an occupation order to remain living at the property, which again if granted will mean that you can't legally sell the property. In order to do this they will have to use a solicitor for this and it could go to court, which can be an expensive or deal for both sides. The court will recognise that they have an established interest in the property and could be entitled to a share in its value when it’s sold. This is quite a complex area, each case varies because the cirucmstances are different and the contributions might be different too, so legal advice is recommended should it get to this stage.

Joint ownership? It works differently!

If you have joint ownership of a property then you cannot sell without your spouse’s permission, and there's no real way around this. You do have a few options on what you can do though:

  • You can offer to buy their share of the property, but get an independent valuation to ensure a fair price is set
  • You can agree to sell it together, for an agreed price and percentage splits
  • If your spouse refuses to cooperate, then you will need to begin an action of division and sale in court.

If at all possible you should try and settle it out of court, if not only for the cost but because it means that the outcome is out of your hands and you both may not get what you hoped for.

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Are you looking for a quick resolution to a messy situation? We can help. If you’re looking to sell your property quickly for a cash sum, in as little a 7 days, then get in touch today. As stated above we will only be able to buy your property if you either have the consent of your partner or they are not considered to be a joint owner. If you're interested in getting a quote, we can provide you with one in as little as 24 hours, just get started by answering a few questions about your home using our online quote process:

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509 Reviews

Andrew Ashley

Whilst we weren’t able to complete a sale for different reasons the service was excellent! Quick response; no sales pressure; very polite and informative! Would like to think we could do business in the future! Highly recommend! Thank you!

Posted 1 month ago

Trevor Gibson

This firm started off with good intentions made a poor offer but we could have work with this, filled all forms from the solicitor sent off all Id they wanted two weeks later reduced there offer to a steal the property that was valued at £450.000 they offered £240.000 very disappointing beware of this firm

Posted 1 month ago

Gary Adcock

Day light robbery, should be thoroughly ashamed at attempt to steal my home for a pittance, preying on people who are vulnerable, the offer made was derisory and way off the mark of local valuations

Posted 2 months ago


Nick was very helpful and friendly. He explained the process in details. I am still in process of selling and so far I feel really comfortable knowing I can count on Nick. I wish every service I am receiving in life would be like that. Definitely I would recommend.

Posted 2 months ago

wahab ali

really help us alot

Posted 3 months ago

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