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Cheap Places To Live In Birmingham: 10 Affordable Areas UK

Beyond its industrial heritage and the legendary Peaky Blinders, Birmingham boasts some of the friendlist folk in the UK and offers fantastic property investment opportunities for homeowners and investors - especially for those seeking great value. 

Whether you’re searching for a permanent place to call home or a profitable investment property, Birmingham offers fantastic opportunities. With average property prices at £255,000 - which is considerably more affordable than the national average - Birmingham property market presents a compelling proposition. 

Ready to explore Birmingham’s hidden gems and thriving neighbourhoods? We’ll uncover affordable areas, affluent hotspots, communities undergoing exciting change and the transformative regeneration projects shaping the city.

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10 Cheap places to live in Birmingham

Are you searching for the sweet spot between affordability and lifestyle in Birmingham? Look no further! From the family friendly charm of Northfield to the transformation happening in Perry Barr, we’ve uncovered ten diverse Birmingham neighbourhoods offering fantastic value for your home buying budget.

Whether you’re seeking a lively student scene, a diverse community or a convenient commute, these areas offer exciting opportunities to find the perfect affordable home, according to Rightmove. 

10. Northfield, B31

Northfield offers a winning combination of affordability and family-friendly living. With a diverse selection of semi-detached and terraced homes, good schools and convenient local shopping, it’s no wonder this area is popular with families and commuters. Despite a recent 2% price increase, the average house price in Northfield (£229,589) remains competitive. 

9. Perry Barr, B42

Perry Barr is undergoing exciting redevelopment, fueled by its proximity to the renowned Alexander Stadium. This vibrant area offers a mix of affordable housing options, from apartments to family-friendly properties, making it a great choice for those seeking value.

Plus, you’ll enjoy seamless commutes to Birmingham city centre thanks to excellent transport links. With an average house price of £215,519 (having risen 4% in the last year), Perry Barr presents a compelling investment opportunity for homeowners and investors.

8. Kingstanding, B44

Kingstanding is ideal for first time buyers and families seeking affordable semi-detached and terraced homes. Enjoy plentiful local amenities and nearby green spaces. With an average house price of £195,670 and remarkable stability over the past year, Kingstanding provides exceptional value within the Birmingham property market. 

7. Balsall Heath, B12

Balsall Heath is a multicultural gem brimming with energy. The area is a treasure trove of independent shops and diverse eateries. Balsall Heath offers a fantastic opportunity to find your perfect place, with a mix of affordable flats and terraced houses.

While house prices have seen a recent decrease of 8% (currently averaging £191,023), Balsall Heath’s unique charm and lively atmosphere make it a residence that offers excellent value.

6. Erdington, B23

Erdington, a spacious suburb North of Birmingham, welcomes you with a diverse range of housing options at competitive prices. Whether you’re seeking a charming flat, a cosy terraced house, or something more substantial, Erdington has it all.

Beyond its affordability, the area boasts a vibrant selection of shops, restaurants, and excellent transport links, ensuring you’re always well-connected. 

While house prices have seen a recent drop of 5% (currently averaging £179,303), Erdington presents a fantastic opportunity to secure a comfortable and convenient Birmingham lifestyle at a great value. 

5. Castle Vale, B35

Castle Vale, a large residential estate Northeast of Birmingham offers a winning combination of affordability and convenient location. Enjoy spacious home switch plentiful green spaces, all at budget-friendly prices.

With excellent transport links to the city centre and the M6 motorway, Castle Value is ideal for commuters and anyone seeking easy access to Birmingham’s amenities. The current average house price of £174,328, 6% lower than last year, makes it an even more attractive option for savvy homebuyers.

4. Winson Green, B18

Winson Green is a vibrant area, nestled on the edge of the city centre, offers characterful terraced homes within reach of Birmingham's exciting amenities. Embrace a diverse community and enjoy the convenience of living close to it all.

While the average house price has seen a recent adjustment (£168,415, down 10%), Winson Green presents a fantastic opportunity to secure a home with a distinctive character near the heart of the city. 

3. Small Heath, B10

Small Heath, a historically industrial area brimming with potential, is experiencing exciting changes. Find a diverse mix of housing options, including affordable choices, perfect for first-time buyers and investors. 

With its prime location near the city centre and the airport, Small Heath offers convenient commutes and easy access to Birmingham’s best. While house prices have recently seen a dip (averaging £166,750, down 8%), this dynamic area presents an excellent opportunity to enter the Birmingham market at an attractive price point. 

2. Nechells, B7

Embrace city living at a budget-friendly price in Nechells! This dynamic inner-city area boasts a welcoming and diverse community, offering a fantastic mix of housing options - from charming terraced houses and modern flats to family-friendly semi-detached homes.

With its central location, you’ll enjoy easy access to all Birmingham has to offer. While average house prices have seen a recent dip) currently £152,694, down 8% from May 2023), Nechells presents a compelling opportunity to secure an affordable home in a vibrant Birmingham neighbourhood. 

1. Aston, B6

Teeming with youthful energy, Aston is a vibrant area popular with students due to its proximity to Birmingham’s major universities. This translates to a wealth of affordable terraced houses and flats, making it an ideal spot for young professionals and students alike. 

Beyond the student life, Aston offers a surprising variety of local amenities and excellent transport links, ensuring you’re always well-connected to the rest of the city.

The average house price currently sits at £143,575, reflecting a slight decrease of 5% from the previous year. This affordability, coupled with the lively atmosphere, makes Aston a fantastic option for those seeking a budget-friendly and exciting Birmingham neighbourhood.

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What is the cheapest neighbourhood in Birmingham 2024?

If you’re seeking the sweet spot of affordability in Birmingham, set your sights on Lozells (B19). This neighbourhood boasts an average house price of £140,708, making it the city’s most budget-friendly area.

Terraced properties offer particularly good value with an average price of £112,850, and even some detached homes can be found at an average of £280,000.

Lozells is a diverse and dynamic neighbourhood with a  population of 12,125. It boasts a younger demographic than Birmingham overall and a significant BAME population. While the area faces socioeconomic challenges, including higher unemployment rates and lower educational attainment levels, its affordability makes it an attractive option for first-time buyers and investors. Initiatives are underway to address these issues and drive positive change within the community. 

Beyond housing, Lozells stands out as one of the most affordable places to live in Birmingham overall. Low daily living expenses make it a great place to put down roots and prioritise affordability.

What are the cheap places to live near Birmingham?

TownAboutDistance from Birmingham City Centre (miles)Average house price (2024)
WalsallPost-industrial town with good transport links to Birmingham9 Miles£237,254
West BromwichHistoric market town, home to West Bromwich Albion Football Club12 Miles£214,194
DudleyPopular for the Black Country Living Museum and Dudley Zoo6 Miles£204,244
SmethwickMulticultural town close to Birmingham, known for its industrial heritage14 Miles£231,961
SolihullAffluent suburb with excellent schools and green spaces9 Miles£354,746
WolverhamptonLarge city with a mix of urban and suburban living13 Miles£230,788
OldburyWell-connected town with affordable housing options6 Miles£215,711
StourbridgePicturesque town famous for glassmaking, nestled near the countryside14 Miles£265,173
HalesowenMarket town offering a blend of history and modern amenities9 Miles£229,768
Sutton ColdfieldHistoric town boasting a large park and nature reserve8 Miles£341,869
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What is the most deprived area in Birmingham?

Sparkbrook & Balsall Heath East, an inner-city ward southeast of Birmingham’s centre, faces significant socioeconomic challenges. It holds the city’s highest deprivation ranking and has a concerningly high child poverty rate. Resident employment rates lag behind the Birmingham average and unemployment figures are elevated. 

However it’s important to recognise the area’s diverse and vibrant community. With a population of 27,338, it’s the city’s second-most popular ward, boasting a youthful demographic and a significant BAME population. 

Initiatives are underway to address the socioeconomic challenges, foster opportunities for residents and drive positive change within the community. 

While sharing a ward, Sparkbrook and Balsall Heath East boast distinct histories and characteristics. Sparkbrook is famed for its Balti Triangle - a cultural hub showcasing the area’s vibrant diversity. Balsall Health East reveals a part transitioning from industrial-era density to a mix of refurbished Victorian terraces and social housing, adding to its unique appeal.

Both areas have faced challenges. Sparkbrook’s high unemployment rate in the 200s remains a concern, and Balsall Heath East’s history includes periods of decline. However, resilience is evident - from Balsall Heath East’s urban renewal efforts to the tornado recovery. 

Today, this combined ward offers relative affordability. With an average house price of £156,225, significantly below the UK average of £264,500, it attracts those seeking budget-friendly living within the Birmingham region.

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Is Birmingham a low income area?

Birmingham, like many cities, faces complex socio economic realities. Official rankings label it as the 7th most deprived local authority in England, a situation unchanged since 2015. However, recent inflation increases put additional strain on low-income households, making support for those in the most deprived areas even more crucial. 

This widespread deprivation is evident in the fact that Birmingham holds the highest percentage of residents living in the nation's 10% most deprived neighbourhoods. A staggering 43% of its population, equating to nearly half a million residents (including over 130,000 children), grapple with the challenges associated with these areas.

While acknowledging these difficulties, it’s valuable to provide a cost-of-living context for Birmingham. A monthly budget of approximately £1,341 is suggested for a comfortable lifestyle. Housing costs are variable, with one-bedroom apartments near the city centre averaging around £450 to £500 monthly. 

But, deprivation isn’t uniform across Birmingham. Affluent areas thrive alongside those facing greater challenges. Some regions like Central, Edgbaston, Harborne East and Ladywood-Summer Hill, boast average disposable incomes that far exceed those in areas facing deprivation. We’ll explore these disparities in greater detail later in the page. 

Which areas of Birmingham are facing the most regeneration?

Birmingham is a city on the move! From major sporting events to cutting-edge innovation, regeneration is reshaping key areas throughout the city. 

Explore the transformations underway in Perry Barr, the bustling City Core, bustling SMithfield District, the innovating Selly Oak area and discover how the arrival of HS2 at Curzon Street will reshape Birmingham’s connectivity.

Perry Barr

Perry Barr is at the forefront of regeneration. The Commonwealth Games have been a significant catalyst, driving upgrades to the Alexander Stadium, creating new transport links and constructing affordable housing to combat the housing shortage.

City Core (CBD & Surrounding)

Under the Snow Hill masterplan, regeneration is focused on making it a business hub with plans for 10,000 new jobs and improved connectivity (including HS2 integration). 

The Big City Plan has yielded success stories like the Library of Birmingham. It continues to focus on the City Core expansion, job creation and sustainability, attracting major employers to the area.

Smithfield District

The massive £1.9 Billion project aims to transform the Smithfield area into a thriving retail and tourist destination, significantly boosting employment.

Selly Oak

Birmingham Health Innovation Campus will accelerate life sciences innovation, create skilled jobs and boost the local economy.

Curzon Street

The HS2 Curzon Street station will enhance connectivity to London and beyond, influencing the property market and making Birmingham a more attractive commuter location.

What is the least deprived area of Birmingham?

Sutton Coldfield stands as the least deprived area in Birmingham. It boasts an abundance of green belt land, a bustling town centre and well-regarded local schools. These features, combined with quiet leafy streets and impressive homes, naturally contribute to higher property prices - the average house in Sutton Coldfield sells for £341,869.

Within Sutton Coldfield, the Four Oaks area is particularly sought after. It’s known for its large homes and expansive green spaces, including Sutton Park, one of the largest urban parks in Europe. Four Oaks also benefits from good transport links to the rest of the city and offers a variety of shops and restaurants. 

If you’re looking for the epitome of affluence in Sutton Coldfield, Ladywood ROad takes the crown with an extravagant average house sale price of £2,011,217.

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How to sell a house in cheap Birmingham areas?

Selling a house on the open market in less expensive areas of Birmingham requires a slightly different approach than if you were to sell in an averagely priced area. We would recommend following this checklist when selling in low house priced areas:

  1. Understand your market: Research the demographic likely to buy in your area. Is it first-time buyers, investors, or perhaps families looking for affordable housing? Understanding your target buyer will help you tailor your marketing.

  2. Set a realistic price: In less expensive areas, pricing your property competitively is vital. Work with local estate agents to determine a fair market price that reflects the area’s current property values. Overpricing can lead to prolonged time on the market. 

  3. Highlight local amenities and transport links: Buyers in more affordable areas often prioritise practicality. Highlight the proximity to public transportation, schools, local ships, parks and any other amenities that add value to living in the area.

  4. Enhance curb appeal and stage your home: First impressions matter. Simple improvements like a tidy garden; a fresh coat of paint, and a clean, decluttered interior can make your home more appealing.

  5. Invest in affordable upgrades: If possible, invest in cost-effective upgrades that can make your property stand out. This could be as simple as new fixtures and fittings, a modernised bathroom, or improved energy efficiency. 

  6. Use professional photography: Good quality photos can significantly impact how your property is perceived online. Professional photos can showcase your home in the best light, attracting more potential buyers.

  7. Be open to negotiation: Buyers in less expensive areas often look for a good deal. Be prepared to negotiate on price and terms. Understanding the lowest price you’re willing to accept before entering negotiations is key. 

  8. Be prepared for investor interest: In less expensive areas, there may be more interest from property investors. Be prepared for this type of buyer who may be looking for a faster transaction at a lower price.

Remember, even in less expensive areas, there’s a demand for housing. With the right approach, you can successfully sell your property by emphasising its value, practically and the lifestyle it offers.

What’s the easiest way to sell a house in cheap Birmingham areas?

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