We’re more than just a house buyer

The Property Buying Company is owned and managed by property professionals with over 50 years’ combined experience in buying property throughout England & Wales.

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50 Years Experience
100% Cash

We’re a 100% cash buyer of property

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24 Hours

We complete in as little as 24 hours

A professional & reliable service from an experienced & understanding team

The Property Buying Company understands that selling your property can be a daunting, stressful experience especially if you are in need of quick sale.

We pride ourselves on offering a professional, reliable service and this will be evident as soon as you call our experienced and understanding team. We have years of experience in the quick property sale industry and we are there to work with you to take the hassle and stress away, taking the weight off your shoulders and leaving you safe in the knowledge that your property will complete in the near future.

Any worries and anxiety will feel like a distant memory, and we are on call 24/7 to deal with any query, however big or small, with a friendly voice ready listen, understand and help.

The team

Wellbeing & Mental Fitness

The Property Buying Company maintains that the mental and physical wellbeing of its team is a top priority, and has gone above and beyond to transform its Headquarters in Leeds, into a dynamic and enjoyable working environment.

A strong team sits at the heart of The Property Buying Company. All 6000sqft of its offices have been professionally designed and modelled to create a work environment that encourages productivity and inspires team members to perform at their potential. The setup includes a state of the art boardroom for team meetings, multiple breakout areas and even a professionally fitted kitchen.

The latest addition to the building is the new company gym, which The Property Buying Company has put in place to promote strong mental health and wellbeing throughout the business. The roster of equipment includes an Origin fitness air bike, treadmill, squat rack and even an Exigo punch bag.

Why The Property Buying Company invests so heavily in its staff is because it knows that happy teams deliver strong results, be that in the eyes of the company or you as a client.

Want to get a feel of what life is like at The Property Buying Company? Here’s our CEO, Jonny Christie, to tell you more.

Honesty & Transparency

The Property Buying Company believes that honesty is the best policy and transparency is required so both sides are on the same page.

Unfortunately, buying a property is not like buying a loaf of bread and sometimes problems do occur. The Property Buying Company will endeavour to inform you within 7 working days of receiving all valuations, reports and searches if there are any problems with the purchase of your property so we can work together to resolve the issue.

Our team have seen every possible situation when it comes to buying property and no problem is too big to overcome. By working together The Property Buying Company will ensure the best possible outcome for all.

If we are unable to fulfil our purchase of your property then you can be assured that there will be no fees whatsoever for you to pay. You can’t get fairer than that!

The team

National Strength & Local Knowledge

The Property Buying Company prides itself on having up to date knowledge of both the National and Local markets and trends.

The team

We do not believe in a one size fits all percentage below market value offer so do not feel afraid of being penalised if your local market is performing better than another part of the country.

Our team has up to date information from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) giving us an edge on our competitors so we can pay the best possible price for your property.

Working with you, we will discuss our findings when researching your property and will always send one of our regional managers to come visit so they can understand why you may be entitled to a better offer for your property.

We encourage you to sell us your property so we can let you walk away satisfied that you have achieved a fair trade price.

No Fees Whatsoever!

The Property Buying Company covers all the costs for the purchase of your property. We can recommend to you and pay for an experienced property solicitor to help you with all your legal work.

Our recommended solicitors are vetted by ourselves to ensure they can act quickly without compromising quality or service*. The Property Buying Company also pays for a qualified RICS surveyor to come and value your property so we can ensure that we are correctly valuing your property so you do not lose out.

We can also pay for probate to be arranged so your deceased estate is correctly divided between you and any beneficiaries.

Even if we are unable for any reason to complete on the purchase of your property, we will still pick up the bill!

*We will pay your legal fees if you chose to use our recommended solicitor only.

The team

Discretion, Convenience & Speed Assured

The Property Buying Company understands that you may not want anyone to know about your business so we make sure that all our purchases are carried out with the uttermost discretion.

The team

There will never be any for sale or sold signs outside your property and we can tell any visitors to your property to remain discreet or pose as someone else if needed if they are questioned i.e by a nosey neighbour!

The Property Buying Company aims to work with you at all times and we are flexible to ensure that we offer a convenient service to you at all times. We work with you and your diary so we can visit your property when it is most convenient for you. We can also arrange for our drivers to meet you anywhere in the UK to ensure we can keep the sale momentum moving forward quickly.

The Property Buying Company understands that time scales can have a monetary impact on our vendors. Many of your customers are still paying a mortgage, bills and council tax and every day that goes by may be costing them unnecessary money. Many vendors understand that using The Property Buying Company may actually save them money rather than having to wait 8 – 12 months to sell their property on the open market and having to pay their own fees.


Properties bought by us
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Of our own money spent buying
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