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Have you heard of The National Association of Property Buyers or NAPB for short?

In this article we'll provide more detail on the NAPB, their codes of practice, how to find out who is a member, why we joined and why you should look for the NAPB badge when you're looking to sell to any house buying company.

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What is the NAPB?

The National Association of Property Buyers is a collective group of small companies that had the goal of improving the standards within the house buying company industry, which lead to the formation of the association in 2013.

The NAPB check that all their members are running a professional business and keep up to the required high standard throughout their dealing with customers. There is also a mandatory requirement that all the members of the NAPB need to be registered with The Property Ombudsman (TPO), members also need too:

  • They must follow the outlined codes of practice

  • They ensure home owners are treated fairly and are able to make an informed decision on how they choose to sell their home, without being pressured into a sale

  • In the event of a dispute, the NAPB offers a free route to an independent redress

Membership is completely voluntary.

The NAPB Codes of Practice

Along with the members having to follow the codes of practice of The Property Ombudsman, the NAPB also have their own codes of practice that members have to abide by. These codes of practice cover:

  • General obligations

  • The publicity of being members of the TPO

  • Duty of care and conflict of interest

  • Advertising

  • How we can offer

  • Permissions during the acceptance and exchange of contract

  • Fees, charges & client liability

  • Complaint handling

  • Refer customers to the Ombudsman

  • Reporting non-compliance

There is a lot more detail about each of these sections which you can find inside the Codes of Practice PDF.

How do I know who is a member of the NAPB?

There are occasionally companies who use the National Association of Property Buyers logo without their permission. They actively ask people to report instances of this so they can feature they can get in touch with them.

Even if someone is displaying a NAPB logo on their website, you should always check the membership section on their website, which is kept up to date with all the latest and current members.

Is membership to the NAPB voluntary?

Yes, membership is completely voluntary and you can use house buying companies that aren't members, although this means that you would have no right of redress should anything go wrong.

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Why we're a member

The Property Buying Company is passionate about what it does – buying properties from people across the UK in a professional and transparent way.

In a bid to be taken seriously, in an industry where quick property sales companies are on the increase, we joined the National Association of Property Buyers.

This is a ‘not for profit’ organisation that helps property sellers decide if selling to a cash buyer is the best route for them.

We were granted membership because we buy directly from the seller, meaning that they know exactly who they’re dealing with and there are no hidden third parties.

This voluntary membership requires us to be signed up to The Property Ombudsman Code of Practice (COP), ensuring that we adhere to the highest possible standards.

In the very unlikely situation that anything goes wrong during the buying process, then the seller can rest assured that the Ombudsman’s redress scheme will deal with it.

We’re committed to going above and beyond the minimum standard of service and our reviews speak for themselves.

So – if you want to sell your property fast for a cash sum and complete in a timescale to suit you, then get in touch today and let us prove to you why we’re considered one of the UK’s most trusted property cash buyers.

Why you should use an NAPB member when selling to a home buying company?

Like we said, it's not essential, we just advise it, whatever house buying company that you deal with.

The National Association of Property Buyers also mean that the company are a member of The Property Ombudsman, and together it means that they have to adhere to strict codes of practice, and essentially do right by their customers.

It also gives the customers the chance of a free, impartial and independent dispute service should anything go wrong during the sale.

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