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The time has come when you’d like to sell your house, and a million things are going through your mind about the actions to take. Every property is different, from the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and outdoor features to any renovations you’ve made that increase its value.

On the other hand, many things can reduce the value of a home and make it an unsellable house. Whether you’re new to selling your house or want to get the most money, here’s our guide about what makes a house unsellable and how to prepare it for the market.

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10 reasons your unsellable house wont sell?

There are many reasons as to why your house could be seen as unsellable. However, at The Property Buying Company we do not think an unsellable house is real as we will buy any house in any condition, proving to our clients that it is a simple myth!

Down below are 10 reasons to why you might be struggling to sell your house:

Damp issues or water damage

Damp is challenging to deal with, and many home buyers try to avoid it where possible as it can cause health problems and is expensive to repair and restore. With that in mind, you should have your property looked at to investigate if you have any damp problems, arising dampness issues or if there’s severe water damage to your property.

Damp issues vary from condensation, chemical dampness, penetrating dampness, rising dampness and dampness from disrepair. Different types of dampness vary the level of repair you’ll require and how much that’ll cost you.

Water damage can appear slightly different from dampness, such as cracks in the foundation or mould on the walls and ceilings. Any of these signs indicate leaks on the outer wall, plumbing issues or a more extensive problem.

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Structural issues or lack of exterior maintenance

Structural issues can vary, and over time, it’s natural for a house to undergo some movement, but the slightness rarely causes problems. It’s when significant shifts in movement occur that affect the property’s structure and cause severe problems. Some structural issues can be bad enough to label a property unsafe for living and cost substantial money to fix.

Aside from structural issues, exterior maintenance is considered a safety measure for the house. For example, broken roof flats, damaged steps, peeling decking and worn-down paintwork may put off potential buyers, showing a lack of pride and care for the home.

Difficult tenants

Landlords who have managed rental properties will understand the ease and difficulty with tenants, especially those that have caused you problems. If selling, there may be some difficulties to overcome in terms of your tenants. For example, tenants who refuse to leave the house, those who keep the house in poor condition or refuse entry to you, the landlord.

Also, you’ll want to factor in if these tenants have left a negative impression in the neighbourhood; they may put off potential buyers.

Unpleasant smells

It’s easy to get used to your home’s scent, but there may be many unpleasant smells lingering that can put off potential buyers. For example, smells include residual smoke in the furnishings, pets and the mustiess from poor ventilation. You should deep clean the property before potential buyers take a look around.

Lack of natural light

Many potential homeowners love the idea of open, spacious properties bathed in natural light. Light can do wonders for a home, especially a smaller space, as it enhances a room, making it feel larger and helping features stand out more. A lack of natural light dulls the whole space and can even age it. Consider how you can add to the natural light through lighter-coloured walls and ceilings and adding additional widows. Also, a skylight is always a unique addition to a loft room and adds natural light.

Mould problems

Mould is similar to water and damp damage, adding unpleasant odours to your home and harming your overall health. Before you put your home on the market, you should remove any mould problems. If you leave mould, it can get a lot worse, spreading wide and far and affecting how sellable your house is.

Dated or old-fashioned decor

Even though a potential buyer will decorate and renovate the house how they would prefer, based on their tastes, dated or old-fashioned decor won’t thrill them about your home. With dated interiors, a buyer has to invest more money into shaping the residence they’d like. However, if your home is neutral and light, it’ll naturally draw the eye of the buyer and make renovations or a quick move easier.

Outdated electric systems

An efficient electrical system is essential to safety in your home. If your electrical system is outdated, it should be checked regularly or replaced, as it may cause fault and harm. Whether you have switches that don’t work or an ancient fuse box, a home inspector will notice these issues instantly. You’re better off taking precautions or keeping your electrical system in order rather than waiting for a potential buyer to see the problems.

Unrealistic price tag

The price of homes varies based on the value, location, market and if there are any issues that we’ve mentioned to be aware of. When you work with an estate agent to sell your property, they’ll look at the market and conduct a competitive market analysis to see what your property is worth and how much you should sell it for, ensuring you earn enough money and it’s a fair rate. You may agree or disagree with the price, but setting an unrealistic price won’t sell it faster.

Unsuitable renovations

If your house has a cellar or a loft, you may renovate it to another bedroom, adding more property value to the home, as another bedroom means more value. Although, this sometimes may not be the case, depending on what your potential owner is looking for. More bedrooms are both an advantage and disadvantage, as storage space in the loft may be preferable for a potential buyer.

Sell Your "Unsellable House"

What makes a house unsellable UK?

The main reason why an unsellable house gets that name is because of the ridiculous asking price set by the owner that does not match the current market in their local area. In a competitive housing market, addressing you house price issues presenting a well-maintained house will often solve your issues easily. Sometimes lowering your house price is all it is even if it is not the price you initially expected or wanted.

Selling a house below market value can help sell it quickly and smoothly, this will make your house go from unsellable to offers coming in from the left and right.

What makes a Flat unsellable UK?

Are you struggling to sell your flat , various factors/reasons can contribute to making a flat unsellable in the UK.Similar to unsellable home issues such as structural damage like subsidence or general damage to walls, floors and more, can put possible buyers off from buying your flat. Having no natural light, poor ventilation, or an outdated layout can once again put buyers off but not us!

More complicated issues such as ongoing disputes within the building management can cause significant problems within the sale process if not settled, this should be top priority to sort out when selling. Your location is important to take into consideration, if its a less fortunate area then maybe reducing the price of your flat can help attract potential buyers. To make sure the flat can be sold it is imperative that you should be addressing these issues straight away before selling your flat.

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How to sell an unsellable house

If your property has one or more of these house unsellable issues and you’re keen to sell it, there are many things you can do to make your house sellable.

●       Book an inspection of your property to check for any missed issues

●       Making structural repairs and maintenance to the exterior and interior of the home

●       Fixing water damage, mould and damp issues

●       Creating more light and space in the home through painting the walls and ceilings

●       Add any minor renovations which will add value to the home

●       Deep clean the property

●       Resolving any issues with your tenants

●       Repair any broken systems and update your electric system

●       Decide on a profitable yet realistic price

Are you looking to sell your home fast? As expert cash buyers with an outstanding rating, we buy properties for cash and handle everything from start to completion, including solicitor costs. Our team can advise your property’s value and make the sales process quick and smooth.

Our approach is flexible, choosing a suitable completion date with you and a sale within seven days minimum. Contact our team today and see how we can help you sell your property quickly.

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