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What Is a Title Plan For Property in the UK 2024

Title Plan for Property

One of the most important documents to have ready for a potential sale is the title plan, but many of us don’t even know what it is.

A title plan is a legal document that provides a detailed and accurate representation of a property's boundaries, what makes up the physical house and its grounds and what buyers and sellers should know about.

It is an essential part of the property surveying process and is typically associated with land and property transactions. But, what is included in a title plan?

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How do I find exact title plan boundaries?

The title plan outlines the exact boundaries of the property and uses measurements and markings to depict the physical extent of the land, where it reaches and what is included. You may have more or less land included in your property than you realise.

Land registry title plan

Title plans are often associated with Land Registry records; important government-issued documents you can access online. The Land Registry is a government department that registers land ownership and any interests or rights associated with the land. You can speak to the registry to get access to your documents.

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Infrastructure attached tto the land registry title plan

The title plan may include details of significant features on the land, such as buildings, roads, and other structures that have an impact on the ability to sell the property. This also helps provide context to the property's layout.

Do public footpaths affect property title plan boundaries

Any rights of way, public paths or easements affecting the property are usually indicated on the title plan. This includes access rights or utility easements granted to other parties which again may impact prospective buyers.

What are ordnance survey maps

Title plans often incorporate information from Ordnance Survey maps, which are detailed maps of the area. These maps provide additional geographical context which could show you some attractive nearby sights that could tempt buyers.

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What is a land parcel number

Each parcel of land identified in the title plan is assigned a unique parcel number. This number corresponds to the land registration records in the Land Registry.

Orientation and scale

A plan includes a scale to show the relationship between the measurements on the plan and the actual size of the property. The orientation of the plan, indicating north, south, east, and west, is also provided for context.

Why might a seller need one?

A title plan will contribute to transparency and accuracy in property transactions, reducing the risk of disputes over boundaries or property rights. If you're involved in a property transaction, the title plan is typically examined alongside other documents as part of the due diligence process, making the whole process clearer for everyone involved.

How do I get one?

In many countries, including the UK, title plans are associated with the Land Registry. Visit the official website of the Land Registry to get hold of your title plan.

To find it you will need to gather essential information about the property, such as its address or title number. This information is typically required to locate the correct title plan.

Then check if the Land Registry offers an online search facility and dive in to find yours. But know this information will not come for free.

Be prepared to pay any applicable fees for obtaining the title plan, as sadly this information is not free.

Be prepared to wait.

Once you've submitted your request and paid the necessary fees, you may need to wait for the Land Registry to process your request, so get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Once your request is processed, you will typically receive the title plan either electronically or in a physical format, depending on your preference, and online one will be less likely to get lost.

I can’t get hold of one for a house I want to buy

If you are unable to obtain a title plan for a house you are buying, you need to take matters into your own hands.

Contact the Land Registry:

Explain the situation and inquire about the reasons for the unavailability of the title plan as it is of great importance to you. The Land Registry staff may guide you on how to proceed.

Be sure to double-check that you have accurate and complete information about the property, such as the correct address and title number. Inaccuracies in the provided information could be a reason for the difficulty in obtaining the title plan, and could even be stopping the sellers from doing so too.

Speaking of which, chat with the seller or their agent.

Inform them about the issue. They may be able to assist in obtaining the title plan or guide you on the appropriate steps to take to get the whole process in order.

Ask the seller to provide any documentation they may have related to the property, including the title plan. Sellers might have copies of property-related documents from previous transactions that they may have forgotten about.

If they are dragging their feet, speak to a solicitor.

A solicitor or conveyancer experienced in property transactions can help you navigate the situation and explore potential solutions so you can get your hands on a plan.

If you still cannot get hold of a title plan, think very carefully about proceeding at all. Be cautious about proceeding with the purchase without a clear understanding of the property boundaries and potential title issues. There may be a reason no one can get hold of the plan. Obtaining the title plan is crucial for informed decision-making, and could save you serious hassle in the future when it comes to selling the property and moving forward.

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