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Why Are Seaside Properties Hard to Sell & Are They Desirable? Are coastal houses more expensive?

Houses by the sea have seen a rise in popularity over the last few years, whether as a result of the lockdown or from the rising popularity of second homes and holiday homes.  

These seaside properties are often sought-after as a calming alternative to the hustle and bustle that cities like London can bring. Instead, people often dream of sea views and travel out further to the coast, looking for historic harbours, sea air and a cottage just a stone's throw away from the beach. 

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Can you get a mortgage on a beachfront house?

You'll find that you should be able to take a mortgage out on a beachfront property regardless of whether it would be a holiday let or a main residence for you. If you are purchasing the property as a holiday let, then you will need a holiday let mortgage. This will allow you to borrow the money to purchase the property to let it out as a short-term business. This is different from a holiday home mortgage, where you borrow money to purchase a property that will only be for you to live in. 

If you are purchasing a beachfront property for you to live in as a main residence, then you will be able to take out a mortgage on it the same as you would with any other property, coastal or not. 

Does a sea view add value? 

Providing your property is situated at the seafront, it can add a hefty sum onto your property. Buyers are often willing to pay extra where there is a desirable view involved. According to data from Purplebricks, out of the seven views that buyers were polled on, a sea view came out on top, with 27% of people claiming it is their dream view. 15% of people polled said theirs was a beach, meaning if you have a beach front property, you may be in luck. 

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Where are the cheapest coastal properties in England?

If you are looking to purchase a seaside townhouse but are unsure where to start, then you can find some of the cheapest areas to purchase below: 

AreaAverage asking price 
Saltcoats, Ayrshire £113,395
Girvan, Ayrshire £121,269
Blackpool, Lancashire  £147,244
Fleetwood, Lancashire£154,560
South Shields, Tyne And Wear£162,261

According to data from Rightmove, these are the coastal areas across the UK with the lowest average house prices. If you are looking to rent a seaside townhouse, then Rightmove has also provided the seaside towns with the cheapest rental prices: 

AreaAverage asking rent (pcm)
Skegness, Lincolnshire£659
Fleetwood, Lancashire£685
South Shields, Tyne And Wear£702
Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire£713
Whitehaven, Cumbria    £719
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Which seaside towns are up and coming?

If you are considering a move to the coast, but are unsure where to start to look, an up-and-coming area may be something you are interested in.  Up-and-coming areas are places where house prices are rising and are set to increase in value and have plenty of amenities and investment opportunities. Below, we take a closer look at some of our favourite seaside towns that are up and coming:  


First on our list of up-and-coming towns by the sea is Bournemouth, in Dorset. 

Located on the south coast of England, Bournemouth is a popular tourist spot, admired by buyers and tenants. This paradise by the coast is complete with a bustling town centre, university, beautiful sandy beaches, green spaces, and more. 

With rising property prices and a thriving student population, Bournemouth is quickly becoming a popular seaside haunt. 

St Ives 

Next up on our list is the sunny town of St Ives, in Cornwall. With its Blue Flag beaches and picturesque coastline, St Ives has plenty to offer locals. 

A stunning coastline is not all that DSt Ives has up its sleeves, with quaint shops, pubs, restaurants and green spaces, there's plenty to love about life in St Ives. 

Popular with tenants, landlords and buyers alike, St Ives is becoming a real up-and-coming area to invest or purchase in. 


Another up-and-coming coastal town is Brighton in East Sussex. With a thriving student population, it is a popular choice with landlords looking for their next buy-to-let opportunity. 

But Brighton is not just a town for investors. Being just an hour away from London means Brighton can allow those who wish to work a 9 to 5 in the city whilst also enjoying life by the coast to live the dream. 

The rising property prices means your Brighton property could increase in value over the coming years. 


Popular with those from London who are looking for a day trip to the sea, Margate is a quaint coastal town that is on the up. 

Famous for its appearance in a number of British TV shows, such as Killing Eve and Only Fools And Horses, Margate is packed full of galleries, vintage shops, restaurants, cafes, and of course its stunning beaches. 

Due to the rise in remote working, Margate is becoming a popular spot with those looking to fulfil the dream of seaside life. 

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Are seaside houses desirable?

Seaside houses can be a very desirable living option, as they bring health benefits, beautiful scenery and sometimes a source of alternative income. Some buyers decide to rent out a room in their property on sites such as Airbnb as a way to help boost their retirement fund or to gain a little extra income. 

The health benefits that living by the sea can bring are also another factor when determining the desirability of a property. Living by the sea can improve cardiovascular health and help people de-stress. 

They also often bring with them a very desirable location, that many buyers cannot wait to snap up. 

Why are seaside properties hard to sell?

Seaside properties can be hard to sell due to a wide variety of factors. Life by the sea is not for everyone, and with coastal towns truly coming to life in the summer, the winter months can be hard for those who rely on tourism for their business. 

Furthermore, maintenance can be an issue for many homeowners. Not only does the sea air and water have an effect on the exterior paint on a property, but it can also accelerate rust, meaning any metal or steel in and around your property will need maintenance or replacement far more frequently than if you were further inland. Damp can also be an issue in sea-facing properties, so windows will need to be double-glazed and properly maintained. 

Buyers can also be put off by the higher home insurance policies they may have to pay as a result to living so close to the sea. Due to their location, coastal properties are often a flood risk and are more likely to suffer storm and wind damage. Because of this, buyers can find that home insurance on their property can be far more expensive. 

Pros and cons of living on the Coast 

As with any living decision, there are pros and cons to living by the sea. Below we take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of coastal living. 


Believe it or not, there are health benefits to living by the seaside. The fresh air and vitamin D you can get from seaside living are excellent for your health, helping to aid the cardiovascular system and decreasing respiratory problems. Studies have also shown that people who live by the sea are less stressed and often live happier lives. 

Alternative income

Owning a beachfront property is also a great way to earn some extra income. Renting out either your property or a spare room during the peak holiday period is a great way to earn extra income to help cover your mortgage payments. 


Whilst it may seem like an obvious perk, location is a big advantage when it comes to coastal living. You have sun, sea, and sand right on your doorstep, ready to be enjoyed at a moment's notice. 


Depending on its location, maintaining a coastal property can sometimes be more expensive than inland properties. This is due to the potential flood damage you could face and the heavy rain that coastal properties can bring. Salt in the air from the sea can also damage any paint you may have on the front of your property. 


Furthermore, the weather that the seaside can bring is not always picture-perfect. It can often be stormy, windy and miserable. The unpredictable nature of the weather can sometimes be a cause for concern and is worth bearing in mind when considering life by the sea. 

Higher home insurance

Due to the risks that coastal living can bring (coastal erosion, flooding, and increased wear and tear) it means that the price you pay for home insurance will often also be increased. 

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Should I sell my house by the sea?

Whether or not you should sell your house by the sea is a personal decision you should make based on your own circumstances. If you are ready for a change of pace and to leave high home insurance policies behind then it could be time to sell. 

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