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Is your property based in one of the UKs fastest selling cities?

Here at The Property Buying Company we know that location can play a big part in how quickly your property sells. Sometimes it can feel like your property has been on the open market for such a long time that you are starting to doubt that it will ever sell. Other times a quick sale might be required because you need to move quickly.

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Whatever your reason for selling, we’ve looked at some new research which reveals the key cities in the UK that are most likely to see properties sell fast.

According to the latest figures from Zoopla, properties in Edinburgh are selling the fastest in the UK, with sales being secured within 22 days. Neighbouring Scottish city, Glasgow, comes in a close second at around 27 days.

Next on the list are Cardiff, Northampton and Birmingham with sales secured within around 33 days.

Lawrence Hall, from Zoopla, said: “Prospective buyers and sellers should find this list helpful as it will give them a good idea of where homes are in demand.”

That Scotland is top of the list only highlights that the property market in the south of England isn’t as hot as it used to be. To put this into perspective – the average time it takes to sell a property in the UK is around 47 days. London properties will take at least seven days longer than this.

This data comes from Zoopla analysing a sample of properties listed on their website between January and September 2018.

If you want to sell your house quickly for a cash sum then it doesn’t matter where you’re based because we buy any house, in any condition and in any location. Fast & fair cash buyers. Find out more here.

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