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Why Isn't My House Selling?

Anyone that puts their home on the market hopes for a quick and easy sale. However, for the majority of us, this is never the case. Even though there seems to be a housing shortage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your property will sell.

If you are finding it tricky to understand where you may be going wrong, here are some tips to help sell your house faster.

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What can I do to improve my home?

There are many different cost-effective ways you can improve your home, even if you are on a budget.

  1. Kerb appeal – first impressions always count, so make sure your exterior is ready for any prospective buyers. Get the gardening gloves on and start getting rid of any weeds that are growing in patio cracks and in the grass. You garden doesn’t need to look like Chelsea Garden Show, just making sure it is neat and tidy.
  2. Declutter – try not to just hide all your possessions in different places. Try to sort through all your things by throwing away items you don’t need, or send them to charity.
  3. Touch ups – there may be different areas in your home that need a general sprucing up. For example, a touch up of paint on walls, or places that need glossing never goes a miss.
  4. Fix it – small issues that need fixing such as broken bulbs, flushes or electrical faults, get them fixed. All the small problems can add up and fixing them will convey your home is well-maintained.


Finding the correct buyer can seem like an uphill struggle, but there are ways to improve your viewings which could boost the chances of you selling. To start, make sure you are professional and polite with any prospective buyers.

Previous to the viewing, try to clean everywhere in your property. To reiterate, first impressions count so try to have all areas of your as clean and tidy as possible.

If you have children or pets, see if you can call in a favour off a family member or friend, and ask them to look after your delights for you. This will allow buyers to walk around your property freely and undisrupted.


When selling your home, research is a crucial part of the full procedure. Start by looking at all the properties around your area. Discover how much houses are selling for so that you can understand whether your asking price is either too much or too little. Great websites to use to help with this research is Rightmove and Zoopla.

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How long is too long when selling my house?

According to the Gov.UK website, selling your home should take around two to three months. Although, it also states that this process may take longer if you are part of a chain of sellers and buyers. Property experts believe that you should wait for around this two to three-month period before lowering the asking price of your home.

What are my options if my home isn’t selling?

There are other ways to sell your home rather than just through one estate agent, you could:

  • Look at switching agents
  • Consider using a multi-agency agreement. This would allow you to advertise with a local agent and a nationwide agent so you get more exposure
  • Sell through a quick sale firm such as The Property Buying Company, they will be able to buy your home in a matter of weeks for a fair cash sum

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