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When Is The Best Time To Sell Your House?

When it comes to selling your home, it can seem like a minefield; Especially if you are at the starting line. The whole selling cycle can feel daunting when there are so many uncontrollable factors that can affect the process. Additionally, the sale of a home can be dependable upon the season. However, when it comes to selling, is there really a best time to sell?

To answer the previous question, statistically, yes! Experts believe that there are seasons that are best for sellers.


According to experts and statistics Spring is always the best time to sell your home. Around the spring time, many buyers are at home as spring isn’t a big holiday period such as Christmas or summer.

A positive about selling in spring is that the sun is usually not too far around the corner. Meaning that it will help you to stage your home to prospective buyers and showcase your exterior. Although, the UK weather can be unpredictable, so don’t quote us on that!


Unfortunately, summer has never been the best time to sell any property. During this period, many take their annual leave or spend the time with close friends and family. If you are wanting to sell your home quickly and your property is targeted at families, bare in mind that potential buyers will be spending their time finding child care. Hence, they may struggle to view your property.


Selling in autumn can be a more appropriate time for both sellers and buyers. Many have already been on their holidays and children are back at school. Also, your property’s exterior will still look well as the winter weather won’t have set in.

On the other hand, if you are wanting to move home around this time of year, be prepared for a quick sale. After the month of October, the housing market tends to slow down.


Just like summer, the winter season can be a difficult period to sell in. This difficulty can be heightened if you are wanting to sell before the Christmas period. If you come to the month of December and you don’t feel prepared to put your property on the market, then wait until January. People are more likely to start thinking about moving home and the year ahead in January.

Do Regions Differ?

The variations of seasons are fairly evenly spread across the UK. Nevertheless, it is well worth having a browse around your local area before joining the market. Researching into any area you are selling or buying in is pivotal to moving home. Consider checking the local council’s website and see if locations have been granted planning permissions. Whether these are housing developments or just small roadworks. If there are roadworks taking place, wait until they have been completed as this may put prospective buyers off the property.

What if I’m not ready to sell, but it is the correct season?

Simply, don’t sell your home. Even though statistics show that there are good and bad time to sell, there is no rush. Selling your home needs to be the right time for you, if you aren’t prepared then that’s fine. Selling in a market you aren’t prepared for could lead to you setting yourself up for an unsuccessful experience.

When you do decide to sell, take your time with every step. Try to prepare your home as best as possible. To see some more of our tips on how to sell your property (when you are ready) then simply click the link.

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