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Downsizing Your Home? Here's a Guide

There are many reasons why people may find downsizing home a good financial option – your children may have flown the nest, leaving you with too much space, you’re retiring and want to be closer to relatives or move abroad or you may need to release cash due to financial worries. Whatever your reason for down-sizing, it may seem daunting because you’ll have to part with things you’ve accumulated over the years and that, in itself, can be stressful. We’ve pulled together a simple guide to reassure you and get you thinking more proactively about down-sizing.

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Be Ruthless

To make things go smoother, you’ll need to be as organised as possible. This means going around your house and making lists of things you need and things you could be persuaded to part with. It’s fair to say that this is probably the hardest part of the whole down-sizing process. It’s also the part that might take the longest so don’t leave it until the last minute. Give yourself at least a few months because you need to find new homes for the items you decide to get rid of and factor in trips to the tip and/or charity donation drop-offs. You’ll be surprised at how your mind will click into action and you’ll gradually feel far less sentimental and become far more practical……hopefully!

Think Logically

Depending on where you’re moving to, there will be certain things you can instantly dispose of. If you’re moving to a flat, for example, then it’s unlikely you’ll need any gardening equipment like lawn mowers or ladders. Similarly, if you’re downsizing then you won’t need multiples of things such as beds, mattresses and bedding. That’s the easy part. Then you need to consider the extras like ornaments, paintings/prints, additional electrical items and soft furnishings – are these just going to create clutter?

Keep your new house in your mind at all times and think about the practicalities of the space it contains. You could even make some money from these items if you list them on an online auction site or local classifieds site, such as Gumtree. Charities will also be massively grateful for anything you want to donate. Now you’ll start feeling a sense of achievement and should be in the swing of things!

Size & Storage

Take a look at the floor plan for your new house. Measure the furniture that you want to take with you and make sure that everything will fit. Remember – you’re down-sizing and the things you want to take need to fit into the space without making it feel cluttered or claustrophobic. Consider clever storage ideas that could save you space and help you to organise your items better. Shoe racks, under-bed storage and vacuum bags are just some of the things you should consider. If you have a loft, or a basement in your new property then vacuum pack clothes and shoes that are not seasonal and store them away until you need them. Then you won’t require such a large wardrobe either. Saving space takes time and consideration, but there are so many solutions these days that you’ll be an expert soon enough.

Down-sizing doesn’t have to be scary. Remember all of the positives to come out of it such as saving time, money and space. Once you’ve started the process, it will all seem like a doddle and don’t forget to ask friends and relatives to help you. Get everyone involved and delegate!

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Looking At Downsizing House?

If you’re wanting to down-size and need to sell your property quickly to complete your onward move then we can help. We are cash buyers and can work to a timescale that suits you. All legal fees are included in our services and you’ll receive a fair cash sum at the end. Get in touch today for a no obligation chat with one of our experienced agents.

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