Can't Sell Your House Because of Noisy Neighbours? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Written by Mathew McCorry

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Nuisance neighbours can reveal themselves in a number of ways. From being excessively noisy through to being verbally abusive or even just playing games in order to provoke or irritate, difficult neighbours can really affect your home life.

In this page we discuss everything you need to know about selling with noisy neighbours and potential disputes. You can navigate to the section that best answers your question below:

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Selling a house with noisy neighbours

Last year, a poll of 2000 UK adults revealed that 28% of people have fallen out with a neighbour at some point.

Potential buyers should do their own research regarding a neighbourhood when they are searching for a property, but there are often things that research alone won’t reveal e.g. if there is a dispute over boundary lines, the height of a hedge or if a neighbour is prone to being verbally or physically abusive after consuming alcohol. That is why, if you want to sell your house, but you’ve had a dispute with your neighbour, then you do need to disclose anything relevant to potential buyers.

Do I have to disclose noisy neighbours when selling a house?

There is a fear that disclosing this information could put buyers off or could drive down the value of your property. However, it is a legal requirement to provide this information in the property information form during the conveyancing transaction, when you are selling a property. The form has questions relating to any disputes or complaints regarding your property or any nearby. You will also need to state if there are any current issues that may lead to a dispute if they are left unresolved.

Failure to do so could result in legal action or financial compensation being issued to the buyer of your property.

It is worth noting that the nature of the dispute will be considered by a potential buyer e.g if your dispute is regarding your neighbour having noisy animals, but the buyer also has animals, then this may not be a massive issue for them. Sometimes disputes can be considered circumstantial and may not continue once you sell the property on. As long as you are honest about the issues you’ve had then you can rest assured that there will be no repercussions because the buyer is fully informed and is still keen to buy your house.

My neighbours sabotaging my house sale

Unfortunately, sometimes neighbours can be a little petty and may even sabotage your sale out of spite, we've heard of it happening all too often. If you can't sort out a dispute by speaking to your neighbour then you may have to pursue legal action, which you can only do if you have proof of wrong doing such as trespassing, damage or noise complaints.

You can sue for damages, but it will be hard to prove that you've lost a sale from it as you would need the potential buyers to testify on your behalf.

If at all possible you should try and resolve the dispute outside of the courts. It can be costly, time consuming and may delay your sale significantly.

Can't sell house because of neighbours

If you can't sell because of your neighbour and having to declare a dispute, then you're left with a few options:

  • Stick it out: Just wait, eventually the right buyer will come along who will be willing to take the risk.
  • Drop the price: Now this is completely up to you, but if you can make your house sale too good of a deal to pass up then people may not care about a neighbour dispute.
  • Take court action: The last step might be to take court action, it will be costly but should mean that the issue is resolved.
  • Our alternative: If you are having a neighbour dispute, we will still buy your property irrespective of the issue, just be clear and transparent with us when explaining the problems so we can work to resolve it.

Neighbour dispute? We can still buy your home

If you have nuisance neighbours and are struggling to sell your house fast on the open market then The Property Buying Company can help. We buy any property, in any condition and in any location for a fair cash sum. We won’t be able to offer you the full price, but we will enable you to have peace of mind and a sum of money that can help you to start afresh somewhere else. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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