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Replacing Your Windows – What to Expect

As most home owners don’t replace their windows very often, it’s not surprising that they may be unsure of what happens when they need to. We’ve pulled together a quick guide on what to expect when you choose to replace your windows and some useful tips on how to make the process smoother.

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First Things First

Shop about a bit. This is usually quite a costly job so get any recommendations you can from friends and family or your online network. Then you can look at each company, in turn, and compare prices, reviews and photos.

Next Steps

Once you’ve picked the company to install your windows and made sure you’re going to get exactly what you hoped for, check that the date and time of installation fits in with your plans and lifestyle.

Replacing windows is a really invasive process, especially if you are getting new windows throughout your property. It might be a good idea to take the day off or work from home on that day simply so you can oversee the installation and mention any niggles if/when they happen. Try not to get in the way of their work by hovering, but make it clear that they can call on you to answer any questions they may have.

If you generally work from home then ask the crew to start with your office space and then move to the rest of the house so you can stay mostly undisturbed.

If you’re unable to, or don’t want to, be at home that day, then you can always leave post-it notes for the team if you have specific requests, such as that you wish to save certain window frames etc.

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Day 1 Expectations

Check that the team has laid out protective cloths around the house to keep mess to a minimum, especially if the weather is poor as they’ll be coming in and out of the property. Depending on the size of the team, you should expect for some members to be bringing new windows in as other members remove the old ones.

By the end of day one, you’d expect a minimum of 10 windows to have been replaced. Make sure they don’t leave any windows patched up or boarded over. Insist that they either finish that window or leave the old one in position until they come back. They should also sweep up after them and remove all tools from your property.

Last Day

Once all windows are in place, the team will then get to work installing cladding around the window frames. This seals them and helps to insulate your house and protect your interior from the weather. Make sure that this is included in your contract as it may be an additional cost or not as standard.

That completes the window replacement process. Again – the house should be swept clean and all tools removed.

Experienced companies will complete the process quickly and efficiently and, if you haven’t been present for it, you might not even know they’d been there.

Replacing windows should cut costs on heating bills as they’ll be thoroughly insulated. It should also add value to your property.

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