Part Exchanging House: How Does It Work & What Does It Mean?

People part-exchange their cars all the time. It saves them the hassle and cost of selling privately or via an agent. You can do exactly the same thing with houses. If you’d like to buy a new property and have an older property to sell, you could consider a part-exchange program. There are many property developers these days that offer this option.

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Part-exchange programs are said to help people buy and sell property with minimal hassle because you don’t have to put your property on the market yourself or wait around for a buyer. The property developer is assigned the task of doing the leg work for you.

There are, however, a number of factors to consider when deciding if part-exchange is right for you.

Your existing property needs to be worth around 70% of the price of the new build you’re looking to buy in order to qualify. The developers will use independent Selling Agents to value your property. They will look at things like the condition of the property, as well as its location, in order to determine this. If your property qualifies then the developer will buy it off you as soon as you buy one of their new-builds.

It’s all fairly straightforward and avoids you having to enter into a normal property chain, which can be risky.

Whether you’re a property developer needing a buyer for a home you’ve acquired via a part-exchange scheme or you simply have a house you want to sell quickly, we can help. We can’t offer you the full price, but we will pay a fair price and all legal fees are included. As cash buyers, with a huge contact list of investors, we can buy your property in as little as 7 days, or we can work to your specific timescales. Get in touch to find out more.

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