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The Planning Permission Application Process Explained

Applying for planning permission may very well boost the value of your property, however there are a few things to consider first:

• Not all properties need planning permission in order to do certain types of work. Instead, you’ll just need permitted development (PD) rights.

• Maisonettes, flats and listed buildings don’t have PD rights so you’ll always need planning permission to make structural changes to this type of property.

If you contact your Local Planning Authority then they can advise you on which route you’re most likely to go down, depending on the project you have in mind. They’ll advise you on whether the changes you want to make will be successfully approved or not. It’s better to be sure before you start involving architects and the cost goes up. This advice is generally free, but you ought to check with your local authority, as some come with a small fee.

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Your Application

You’ll need to submit the following documents when applying for planning permission:

• Plans of both the site and location

• Ownership certificate

• Completed form

• Correct fee

The Planning Authority will let you know if anything is missing and they could take between 8 and 13 weeks to make a decision as to whether you’re granted permission or not.

What’s Considered in the Process?

The local authority will consider any loss of privacy and light, or any highway safety concerns, amongst other things. It is always worth talking to your neighbours prior to submitting your application, otherwise they could submit a complaint which could hold things up even further.

If your application is rejected, you will need to amend your proposal and an additional fee could be incurred for this. However, if you feel that the rejection is unreasonable, you can appeal.

If your application is successful then you need to start the work within 3 years. If you choose to sell your property then remember that any planning permission remains with the house. If you haven’t completed the work, or are in the process of doing it, then this could affect your sale. You may not be the one to see the added value of planning permission if this occurs.

We know that people’s situations can change so if you decide that you’d rather sell your property then we can help. We’ll offer you a fair price and include all of the legal fees so you can move on to your next property or project.

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