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How to dress the exterior of your home this Christmas

It’s officially December, so it means that finally we can start talking about Christmas!

When thinking about the festive season, there is so much to consider in terms of preparing for the big day. From present buying, food prepping and decorating the tree, there is a full list that needs tackling.

One item that should be at the top of your agenda for Christmas is dressing up the outside of your home. This blog is will contemplate the different ways you could jazz up your property’s exterior this Christmas.

This Year's Trends

This year, there is a brand-new trend on the block when it comes to Christmas decorations. It has been nicknamed ‘Sugar and Spice’ and includes anything dreamlike. To fulfil the brief, any homeowners decorating their house like so needs to theme their property full of moons, stars, magical creatures (such as flying pigs and unicorns) and rainbows. Basically, bright and exciting colours!

Christmas Lights


In our opinion, it isn’t Christmas without some sort of twinkly lights. When doing a quick search online for Christmas Lights, it can seem like a minefield! There are so many different products to choose from.

From silhouettes, to figures, all the way through to laser projectors; the variety can seem endless.

If you simply want to just make your property festive but not fussy, why not invest in some fairy lights? Fairy lights can come in all sorts of colours from warm whites, all the way through to multicoloured. You can buy these from a whole host of local stores and they don’t burn a hole in your wallet as some companies sell them for only £9.99!

However, be careful. We did our own research into fairy lights and found that some can cost upwards of £150 depending on the length and type of colours bought. Depending on how extravagant you want your property to look will depend on how much you may end up having to pay.

This year, our favourite pick of all the lights are icicles. Similar to fairy lights, they can be bought from a range of local shops and would make any property look classy. Most icicle lights come with different settings and timings so they don’t have to just flash.

Fairy Lights

Outdoor Trees

If your property includes trees and bushes, why not dress them up? Again, there is a wide choice of lights that you can buy to wrap your outdoor with.

Our favourite this year – we think that bright red lights are the way forward. We believe they would look great to put around the outside of a tree or bush. These especially look festive when put on a setting that slowly turns them on and off.

Tree Lights


Over the years, it seems that more Britons have chosen to buy silhouettes to put on the walls of their property and even on their front lawns.

There is no doubt that you could spend days choosing an exciting silhouette. Some flash, some are animated and others keep it simple by just lighting up.

Our top choice this festive season comes within the new ‘Sugar and Spice’ theme. This year, Asda are selling flying pigs that wear a very sweet Santa hat. For £25, it doesn’t come much more exciting than that!

Silhouette Image

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