Drones and Their Potential When it Comes to Buying and Selling Property

What better way to showcase a property than by utilising a drone? They enable you to get the best possible angles and give potential buyers a bit of insight into the surrounding area.

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It’s slightly amazing that estate agents and private sellers haven’t really harnessed this piece of technology until fairly recently. The content they provide can be turned into short videos which are perfect for offering potential buyers a true feel for the property that static images simply can’t compete with. They can gauge how big the property is, where garages and outbuildings are located in relation to the main building or even just see how long the garden is.

Utilising drone imagery could make the difference between potential buyers wanting to view your property or not so it’s definitely something to consider. Try a mixture of standard ground-level photography and drone imagery and see which ones gain the most traction.

The key to using drone imagery is to be careful of the angles and shots you take. The property could be stunning, but it might be located next to a neighbour who doesn’t care for their property which could give a bad impression. Maybe the wider landscape includes a wind farm or landfill – these are things you wouldn’t ordinarily see, but you need to be careful that they don’t become a focus and potentially put viewers off.

Not only is drone technology useful for overseas buyers, it is also really useful for other property-related purposes, including checking the state of the roof or surveying buildings. If the property is particularly old then drones can assess any external damage and, if they have thermal imaging cameras, can identify any draughts which may need attending to.

However, there are quite a few rules when it comes to using drones. Civil Aviation Authority licences are granted after a certain training period and an explanation of why you want to use a drone. Some examples of the rules surrounding the technology are – they must fly below 400ft, avoid busy shopping streets or concert/sporting venues and must not be within 164ft of people, vehicles or certain buildings without written consent from the council.

Are you looking to sell your house fast? We can help

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Most agents and private sellers would be expected to adhere to these rules and should utilise staff members with a CAA license who can use better quality equipment. The smoother the imagery and the higher the spec, the more likely people are to visit the property in person or put in an offer. If you’re looking to sell your property quickly to us as we're cash buyers, just give us a call today on 0800 024 8444 or visit www.thepropertybuyingcompany.co.uk

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