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Christmas House Valuation - The Home Alone Property

As part of our countdown to Christmas, The Property Buying Company have put together some valuations on famous Christmas properties. So, without further ado, here we go!

This week, we take a look into arguably one of the most recognised Christmas properties, the home from the hit Christmas film, Home Alone.

For those who didn’t know, Home Alone was filmed and produced by John Hughes in 1990. When it was released at box office, the film made just short of $477 million dollars. It was the highest-grossing Christmas film for nearly three decades until it was surpassed by the latest Grinch film in 2018. At TPBC, we have to admit, that this is definitely one of our top five favourite Christmas films!

Home Alone House

Onto the house itself. Built in the 1920’s, the red brick 5-bed property was built wih a Georgina style. If you were to enter the property in the present day, you would be greeted to the infamous staircase that was present in the first and second film. The house itself hasn’t been changed as such, however in recent years, the interior has been modernised.

Although it sits grandly in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka, it has since the 90’s been recognised for its part in the film and has been renamed the McCallister’s home.

Jess Quote

We were lucky enough to have our specialist IPS Sales Consultant value the property for us. Jess has worked within the property industry for over four years. Within her time, she has valued many different properties across Britain, but never an American property.

Within her research, Jess looked at the Home Alone property and compared it to a similar property in London.
When conducting her research, Jess came across a similar property in the N6 area of London that looked like the British version of the American home. She believed the London property was a “pretty good comparison to the home alone property”.

The link below shows the London 6-bed property. It is also in the Georgian style; however, it was built earlier than the 1920s.

Jess also added “It has been a challenge to value the property as many news outlets and other companies have attempted this. Researching into Winnetka, the Chicago suburb, it seems that prices aren’t as high as I expected them to be. Even though each state is different, it seems that the American housing market has remained steady. Although, having said this, most are predicting that there will be a housing crash in 2020, so this may therefore make American homeowners rethink about selling their property.”

But what was the final verdict? Well according to Jess… “After looking at both the American Property, the London property and others on the market, in the present, I would say the Home Alone property would be worth around £4 million in the UK and around £2 million within the US”.

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