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The Christmas Clean Up: How to prepare your home for buyers in January

Now that all the pigs in blankets have been devoured and all the presents have been unwrapped. The party poppers are ready for the new year and the saying ‘new year, new me’ will be present very soon. As part of the new year, you may be considering starting fresh by purchasing your dream home. When it gets to January, there is usually a wave of ‘new homes’ that pop up on the market. This therefore can make it challenging for any new home to be spotted on the market.

In this blog, we are going to run through our top tips on how to get your property ready for prospective buyers. It will also entail how to boost your property’s value.

Kerb Appeal

The best place to start when doing your Christmas clean up is outside. So, wrap up warm and let’s get cracking!

The exterior of your property is the first thing that any potential buyer will see. Henceforth, it needs to look well-maintained because the exterior is just as important as the interior and first impressions always count.

Let us begin. Now, this may seem like the most boring job you may encounter, however de-weeding is essential to making your property have an excellent kerb appeal. It is amazing the difference that de-weeding can make for any property.

Cutting back grass and hedges so they make the appearance of the garden look tidy. Make sure there is no rubbish or items left outside your property that shouldn’t live there.

If any window ledges or external doors are looking tired and are made of wood, why not freshen them up? A tin of paint can go a very long way and instantly change the appearance.



Has your property seen better days? It may look a little bit tired, especially after all the celebrating you have done this Christmas! One of the cheaper and best ways to improve your property is by spending some money on some buckets.

If you decide to go ahead with decorating, then there are a few things you can do to make your property more so desirable.

When selecting the colours to use on your walls, try choose from a natural palette. Picking colours that are lighter also helps as darker colours become out-dated quicker. Additionally, choosing lighter colours will help viewers of your property be able to visualise their belongings in your property. Plus, warmer lighter colours make a room seem spacious and inviting compared to darker colours.

If you decide that wallpaper is the way forwards, then make sure to select a type that isn’t too ‘in your face’ and is low-key. Also, when papering them to the walls, try choose accent walls rather than the whole room. This will help the wallpaper blend in and make any room not look over powering.

painting house

Get the tool kit out!

It may seem like another job that you want to avoid, but all little fixes within your home add to your property’s value. We can all think of an area within our home that needs fixing up. Well, now is the time to stop avoiding the problem and get fixing!

To start, make a check list. Go around your property checking for any electrical faults, plumbing issues, cracks or even bits that are missing. Granted, some things you may not be able to fix yourself, especially if it is a big fault. Although, lots of small problems you will be able to do yourself. YouTube these days is full of smart tips and tricks when it comes to DIY. So why not type in the issue and see if you can be your own handyman for the day.


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