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The Property Buying Company, a leading UK Cash Buyer is set to start on a new era of strategic leadership with the recent announcement of three appointments to its Board of Directors; Rachel Pilling, Mathew McCorry, and Adam Isaacson. 

Our commitment to creativity, collaboration and compassion is the driving force behind the selection of our three new director appointees who not only possess extensive industry experience (over 40 years of combined business experience) but also have a proven track record.

What makes the appointments particularly important for the company, is that all appointees; Rachel Pilling, Mathew McCorry and Adam Isaacson have ascended the ranks from within the company.

This internal promotion highlights our commitment to nurturing and recognising skills and growth possibilities from within.

Team photo of The Property Buying Company

Leading the financial front is Rachel Pilling, the newly appointed Finance Director. With a wealth of financial expertise, Rachel Pilling is ready to steer the company towards financial stability and growth. 

Rachel Pilling, the most recent addition to our esteemed executive team, has seamlessly assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer with a steadfast dedication over the past year and a half. In this relatively short span, she has exhibited an exceptional commitment to the company, showcasing her exceptional leadership qualities and strategic accomplishments.

Mathew McCorry, assumes the role of Marketing Director bringing an energetic and effective approach to brand positioning and marketing. Mathew McCorry’s promotion is confirmation to his dedication and achievements within the company, having previously contributed significantly to its marketing team as the marketing manager. 

In the case of Mathew McCorry, his journey within our company spans an impressive four and half years, characterised by a remarkable climb. Starting as a SEO manager in 2019, McCorry’s innovative and creative approach propelled him to the role of Marketing Manager before ultimately earning him the position of Marketing Director.

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Adam Isaacson, appointed as the Commercial Director, adds a layer of strategic vision to the board. Adam Isaacson’s in-depth understanding of the housing and commercial market’s positions him as an enterprising force in shaping the company’s overarching business strategy.

Adam Isaacson, the longest-standing director appointee, boasts an impressive achievement of over eight years within our organisation. His professional trajectory within the company is a testament to his exceptional skills and capabilities. 

Commencing his journey in 2015 as a Senior Property Consultant, Isaacson rapidly ascended through the business, assuming roles such as Sales Manager and Team Leader in 2018, and subsequently being appointed Head of Sales and Acquisitions in 2022. Now, as our Commercial Director, Isaacson’s wealth of experience provides us with a strategic and loyal backbone for our future plans. 

The new director appointments coincide with another significant milestone for The Property Buying Company - the achievement of full shareholding ownership of the business. The recent securing of £10.5 million funding solution highlights the company’s financial prowess and sets the stage for ambition plans on the horizon. 

The synergy between the newly appointed directors and the company's recent financial achievements creates an optimistic outlook for the future, reinforcing The Property Buying Company’s position as a leader in the UK cash buying market. 

New Director Appointment
We asked Jonathan Christie, Co-CEO and founder of The Property Buying Company to comment on our new director appointees. 

He said “We are delighted to announce the appointment of 3 new directors of The property Buying Company through internal promotions within the business.”

“We are making this move to strengthen the existing executive team consisting of myself, and Karl McArdle as joint CEO’s and Christopher Dean as Acquisition Director with new directors to help drive the business forward with its ambitious growth plans and to help with supporting the new arms of the business.”

“We have promoted Rachel Pilling from COO and Financial Controller to Finance Director, Mathew McCorry from Marketing Manager to Marketing Director and Adam Isaacson from Commercial Manager to Commercial Director.”

“All of the three new directors have worked hard in their positions and have been integral parts of our senior leadership team helping work on not only their specialised areas but the wider business also, helping with projects and support across the team.”

“We now welcome them to the executive team and are looking forward to feeling their impact across the group.”

Tom Condon

Tom Condon, one of our content writers, has fascinating expertise in sustainability in the property industry. Tom thoroughly understands the market and has experience in both residential and commercial property. He enjoys attending conferences and staying current with the most recent property trends.