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The Milton Keynes Property Market

Prices, rents, yields, growth & much more for the city of Milton Keynes

Situated just 50 miles northwest of London lies the modern and vibrant city of Milton Keynes. Built on a grid system as a way to help relieve the housing congestion in the 1960s, Milton Keynes quickly took on a life of its own and became the ‘new city’ that we know and love today!

Complete with a concert hall, art gallery, football stadium, cinemas, shops, bars, restaurants, teaching hospital, ski slope and many other local gems on offer, it is easy to see the attraction of life in Milton Keynes.

Since the last census, Milton Keynes's population increased by 15.4% from just over 248,800 in 2011 to just over 287,100 in 2021. This incredible rise can be put down to Milton Keynes's great transport links in and around the city, a healthy housing market, local amenities and more.

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The average price of a property in Milton Keynes over the last year was £364,537.

The most popular Milton Keynes property types sold last year were detached properties, which sold for an average price of £554,808. Terraced Milton Keynes properties fetched an average price of £296,223.

All in all, Milton Keynes sold prices over the last year were up 6% on the previous year and up 9% on the 2020 peak of £33,643.

Is now a good time to buy or sell a house in Milton Keynes

Yes, it is! There has never been a better time to invest in the Milton Keynes property market. Whatever your investment experience, there are plenty of opportunities in the city of Milton Keynes.

With plenty of areas in the new city looking at redevelopment and a buoyant rental market, there are lots of reasons why investors are setting their sights on Milton Keynes.

The location of your property and the condition it is in won’t deter us from helping you achieve a quick house sale – whether the property is in the middle of nowhere or the city centre, in pristine condition or in need of a full refurbishment, we will buy any house quickly.

Where are the best areas to live in Milton Keynes

There are many advantages to life in Milton Keynes. From its theatres, cafes, bars, restaurants, cinemas, parks and more.

Below we take a look at some of the best areas to live in Milton Keynes:

Milton Keynes Village

Milton Keynes Village is the village that bore its name to the city of Milton Keynes. Ideal for those looking to commute, Milton Keynes Village has excellent transport links in and around the city as well as a variety of local amenities including independent shops, cafes, pubs, and green spaces.

Great Linford

Towards the north of the city lies the village of Great Linford. Packed full of outdoor green spaces, schools, cafes, pubs, and history, Great Linford is a popular choice for those looking to make the most of the quieter side of the city.

Shenley Church End

Shenley Church End is a historic civil parish, district and village located in Milton Keynes, with a rich history that spans all the way back to the Doomsday Book. Complete with sports clubs, cafes, shops, and more, there is plenty to love about life in Shenley Church End.

We’ll buy any type of UK property, either a detached family house or a city centre apartment, we are in a position to make a cash offer and complete a fast sale.

The location of your property and the condition it is in won’t deter us from helping you achieve a quick house sale – whether the property is in the middle of nowhere or the city centre, in pristine condition or in need of a full refurbishment, we will buy any house quickly.

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Areas We Buy Near Milton Keynes

You might be wondering whether we will actually buy your property because you live in the outskirts of Milton Keynes, the answer is yes, we buy property anywhere in England & Wales which includes Milton Keynes and all the surrounding areas of course. That being said, here's a list of nearby areas we regularly get enquiries for:

  • Fishermead

  • Loughton

  • Tattenhoe

  • Monkston

  • Blakelands

  • Deanshanger

  • Castlethorpe

  • Little Brickhill

  • Oldbrook

  • Furzton

  • Bletchley

  • Middleton

  • Stantonbury

  • Salford

  • Cosgrove

  • Newton Longville

  • Coffee Hall

  • Shenley

  • Walnut Tree

  • Broughton

  • Wolverton

  • Newport Pagnell

  • Potterspury

  • Woburn Sands

  • Bedford

Selling a house in Milton Keynes: Your Selling Options

Local Milton Keynes Estate Agents:

Local estate agents Milton Keynes provide you with a house-selling service that will cover the negotiation and marketing of your property in return for a percentage of the final sale price, referred to as a commission.

What fees do estate agents charge?

When you sell your property through estate agents Milton Keynes, you will usually be charged an average rate of 3%+VAT of your original asking price. This figure is without taking into account any hidden costs or packages that attribute to the marketing and negotiating on your behalf.

Are estate agent valuations accurate?

When it comes to selling with estate agents Milton Keynes, the accuracy of your valuation will vary from estate agent to estate agent. Whilst there are many factors at play when it comes to the accuracy of your valuation, the honesty of your real estate agent Milton Keynes is the biggest one. Your real estate agent Milton Keynes may overvalue your property in order to gain your business. This will mean if you go with this estate agent, you may struggle to sell as you are asking too much and may end up on the open market for months.

How long do estate agents take to complete a house sale?

According to data from, it takes an average of 90 days to sell your home on the open market using estate agents Milton Keynes.

Want to sell your Milton Keynes house without the estate agent fees?

Milton Keynes Cash Buyers:

If you are looking to sell house fast Milton Keynes, then a cash buyer may be for you. Offering a quick and hassle-free alternative to selling on the open market, including sale processing, valuation, and payment.

How the buying process works if you’re a cash buyer

A cash buyers in Milton Keynes is a person or company who can afford to purchase your property without the need for a loan or a mortgage to be able to complete the sale. As we are genuine cash buyers, we have the reserves available to buy your home as soon as you are ready to sell.

How long does it take for a cash buyer to complete?

The majority of property purchasing company in Milton Keynes will typically complete sales within two months of having an offer on a property accepted. Here at The Property Buying Company, we pride ourselves on our ability to buy your property in a timescale that suits you, whether that’s two months from now, or in as little as seven days.

Do you need a solicitor if you are a cash buyer?

Yes, you will. As is the case when you sell with an estate agent, you will still need to instruct a solicitor when you sell with a cash buyer. When you sell with us, we will hire a solicitor and cover the costs for you, taking the stress out of your home sale.

How long does conveyancing take with a cash buyer?

As every house sale is different, there is no one size fits all answer, however, the average time is around 6-8 weeks. When you sell with us, we will cover all of your solicitor's fees for you as a thank-you for choosing us.

Milton Keynes Property Auctions:

If you have a slightly more unusual property to sell, then a Milton Keynes property auction may be the selling route you wish to explore. House auction Milton Keynes are becoming an increasingly popular option for selling properties however you will need to get familiar with how they work. An auction works by agreeing on a minimum reserve price for your property. Potential buyers will then bid on the property and once the reserve price has been met, the highest bid will win.

How much do auctions charge to sell your house?

If you wish to sell your property at a Milton Keynes property auction, you can expect to pay around £300 to put your home into the auction on top of the 2.5%+VAT of the selling price. In addition to this, you will need to factor in further charges for any extra services such as marketing and negotiations.

Can anyone sell a house at auction?

Yes, they can! Anyone can put their home in a Milton Keynes property auctions. Whilst Milton Keynes house auctions are often favoured by sellers with slightly more unusual properties, any property can be sold at auction. However, it is worth bearing in mind that whilst there are serious buyers at auctions, you are not guaranteed a sale. Most of the bidders at auctions are developers and investors looking to purchase their next property in need of modernisation, there may be better routes for you to sell your family home.

Are houses sold at auction cheaper?

When it comes to selling your property at a house auction Milton Keynes, you can sell for as much as 70% or as little as 10% below the market value of your home. For the average seller, you can expect to sell your Milton Keynes property for around 85%-90% below market value.

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Why Choose Us Over Milton Keynes Estate Agents?

Sell Your House Without an estate agent in Milton Keynes

Benefits of a cash buyer

  • No estate agent fees - As The Property Buying Company in Lancaster, we are proud to say there are no estate agent fees involved in our buying process. When you accept a cash offer from us, that is the amount you will get in cash.

  • No Legal Costs - As a property purchasing company in Lancaster we cover all of the legal fees that you would typically associate with selling a house for you.

  • No Hidden Fees - Another advantage to selling through a property purchasing company Milton Keynes is that there are no hidden fees included in the process. When you sell with us you benefit from our honest, transparent, and upfront service.

  • Sell in your Own Timeline - When you sell your property with cash buyers in Milton Keynes, you can sell your property in a timeline that suits you. Whether that’s four months from today or in as little as 7 days!

How we can help

There are many reasons why people may choose to sell house fast Milton Keynes by using a cash buyer, besides seeking a fast and free sale. Below we take a look at some of the many situations where people may sell to a cash buyer:

  • Inheritance/Probate

    If you are selling an inherited house Milton Keynes or are dealing with Milton Keynes probate property, then we can help you to release cash swiftly and securely, taking any undue stress out of the sale.

  • Repossession

    If you find yourself in the position of needing to stop house repossession Milton Keynes, then we will help you release equity by buying your property before the bank repossesses it.

  • Tenanted

    If you are looking to sell house with tenants Milton Keynes, we can buy your property and take the stress out of the sale. We will liaise with tenants and take over the tenancy, helping relieve the stress of your tenanted house sale.

  • Broken Chain

    If you were involved in a Milton Keynes house sale that fell through, we can buy your house in as little as 7 days, helping you get your sale back on track.

How to prepare your Milton Keynes property for a sale 

Milton Keynes is an exciting and vibrant new city, with plenty to offer its residents. Its healthy housing market, community, amenities and more, give it the spirit that people love about it.

However, the average sale time for a Milton Keynes home is 90 days on the open market according to If you are looking to sell house quickly Milton Keynes then this is not ideal. Below, we have compiled our top tips to help generate interest in your Milton Keynes property, if you are struggling to sell your house Milton Keynes:

General maintenance

An often overlooked but effective method of generating interest in your Milton Keynes home is through deep cleaning and decluttering before any of your viewings or estate agent visits. By going through your property room by room, you can tidy away and declutter as you go, throwing away anything you don’t plan on taking with you in the move.

Another budget-friendly way that you can maintain and freshen up rooms in your house is by giving any tired-looking walls a fresh coat of paint. By following these simple steps, you can help the buyer to truly imagine themselves living in your property.

Garden maintenance

If your Milton Keynes house has a garden, then there are several small changes that you can make to generate interest in your home and help speed your sale up. Simple fixes such as cutting the grass before viewings, cleaning the patio, painting fences that are looking tired or adding some garden furniture can all add value to your property.

General repairs 

Another way that you can help generate interest in your Milton Keynes property is by taking care of any general repairs and tasks around the house. These can include any unfinished DIY projects around the house, loose tiles, walls that need a fresh coat of paint, carpets that need replacing, or any mould spots around the home that need removing. A well-cared-for home is likely to get higher offers from buyers, so get that toolbox out and get to work!

Sell to us:

When you sell your Milton Keynes property to us, you are ensuring a fast, free sale. We will buy your property in as little as 7 days, pay all of the legal fees usually associated with selling your property, as well as handling all the marketing and negotiating, taking the hassle out of your house-selling journey.

Sell House Fast Milton Keynes: FAQs

If you are looking to sell your house and you live in the Milton Keynes area, why not sell to us? We understand that you may have some questions about the process, so we have drawn up some of our most commonly asked questions and answered them below to help:

How do you value my property?

We will give you an initial offer based on the information you provide us with paired with our own market research around the area. If you are happy with our ballpark figure, we will then send one of our Regional Managers to visit the property itself which will, in turn, allow us to provide a more concrete offer.

What are the benefits of selling through a sell house fast company?

There are several benefits to selling with a sell house fast company like ourselves, but the main advantage is that you can sell your Milton Keynes property in as little as seven days for cash. It’s entirely hassle-free and everything is handled for you.

How quickly can I sell my house to you?

We can buy your home in as little as 7 days in Milton Keynes, however, we know this is not a timescale that works for everyone. Whether you want to sell in as little as 7 days or in 3 months' time, we tailor our service to you.

Can I trust you?

Absolutely! We like to think that our reviews speak for themselves, with over 1,000 5-star reviews rating us as excellent on Trustpilot, you can feel safe in our hands. We are proud to be members of two regulatory boards, the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) & The Property Ombudsman (TPO).

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