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Selling A House That Needs Repairs

If you want to sell your home but know it needs some TLC, it can impact the property’s desirability.

Whether you don’t have time to renovate your property before selling it, or you’ve become unwell and are unable to do any work to it, there are some things that buyers will look for specifically before putting an offer in.

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  1. What Repairs Have The Biggest Effect On Selling?
  2. What To Do If Major Repair Work Is Needed
  3. Renovate or Sell - Know Your Target Buyers
  4. Sell Your House Fast For Cash - The Alternative Method

What Repairs Have The Biggest Effect On Selling?

Over time, wear and tear can build up in a property. Regular maintenance can prevent longer term problems, but if you’re unable to afford large-scale repairs, or are unwell and can’t keep on top of the smaller things, then certain problems can arise. Should you decide that it’s time to sell your house fast, there are a few things to consider getting sorted first in order to achieve the best price for your property.


This is one of the most affordable ways to spruce up your property, both internally and externally. Choosing neutral shades to appeal to a wider range of potential buyers, re-paint rooms that are dark or that need freshening up. It’s also worth giving window frames, doors and any fencing a lick of paint, as this will give a better first impression than a chipped, unkempt front of the house.

Simple DIY

You don’t have to be an expert, but the basics will make a big difference. Clean grouting in the bathroom and kitchen, replace missing door knobs, fix any broken fence or gate panels and tend to your garden.

Kitchen and Bathroom

These are the two key rooms in a property that people will scrutinise when they view it. Whilst completely re-fitting both rooms may not be in most people’s budgets, it is worth considering any minor tweaks you can make that could have an impact on viewer’s first impressions. A fresh coat of paint, replacing any fixtures or missing tiles and tightening any leaky taps is a great start. Give both rooms a deep clean as grubby bathrooms and kitchens are a big no-no for viewers. Consider re-grouting tiles and using specialist products to de-scale bath and shower areas and protect against mould.


Maximise the space you’ve got by illuminating it with clever lighting. Letting natural light in, especially during the summer months, will accentuate your property’s best features and will make the space much more inviting.

Ditch the Carpets

If you have a slightly older home, you might be hiding some amazing hard wood floors underneath dated carpets. If so, pull up the carpets and treat your floors with a sand and polish to really give the wow factor to your property. This is a relatively cheap thing to do. Similarly, if you already have exposed wood flooring then give it a buff and re-polish to restore it to its former glory.

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What To Do If Major Repair Work Is Needed

People who buy a house tend to renovate it over time. Sometimes time slips away from them and, by the time they come to sell the house on, they realise they haven’t done half the things they should have. The asking price for the property will reflect the amount of work that has gone into it and the amount that hasn’t. However, all is not lost. There are some simple steps you can take to attract a buyer who will see the potential you once did and is prepared to take on a bit of a project.

The important repairs to consider are the ones you can instantly see. Maybe the window frames need repairing or re-painting. Perhaps you could do with replacing the front door with an upgraded, more secure one. Sometimes simply cleaning your windows or jet washing paving stones and walls can freshen up your property and make it look more appealing.

Recognise the things that would be flagged on any survey carried out on your property. Are any of the walls damaged, internally or externally? Are there any slates missing from the roof or issues with the chimney? Are the bathroom and kitchen of a decent standard, regarding fixtures and fittings, as well as cleanliness? Are there any leaks or problems with the boiler?

Don’t jump into DIY mode if you’re unsure of any of the work that needs carrying out. Be prepared to pay a bit of money to a professional so that the job is done to a high standard and will actually add value to your property, rather than deduct it.

There is no point trying to hide any issues because, whilst you can do this during a viewing, the survey will undoubtedly come back to haunt you. If you are unable to afford to fix anything yourself then be honest with any potential buyer. If they’re made aware of any issues from the beginning, you’ll find it easier to negotiate the cost of any repairs into the asking price.

Renovate or Sell - Know Your Target Buyers

Knowing your target buyer is key to getting that all-important sale. There are several different types of buyers to be aware of:

  1. First time buyers – looking for a bargain and a bit of a project, but won’t have a huge budget for major repairs so will expect to negotiate on the asking price if the survey flags anything structural
  2. Flippers – looking for a property they can do up and sell on quickly and easily. They’ll be looking for a bargain, but will have a decent budget behind them to do renovations and make a profit out of the sale
  3. Developers – like flippers, but they buy on a larger scale and usually have a large portfolio behind them. They’re professionals in the property business with a lot of experience
  4. Landlords – they will be looking to buy a property to restore or amend in order to rent it out
  5. Bargain Hunters – people who are keen to get a property that doesn’t need too much doing to it, but that also ticks the boxes of being in a good neighbourhood or catchment area

Most of these are motivated buyers, but just be careful when dealing with developers, flippers or landlords because these are professionals within the property world and will be keen to maximise their own profits. Getting a valuation carried out by an impartial surveyor means you’re in no doubt about what your property is worth and what it would be worth after necessary repairs are carried out, so you won’t get the wool pulled over your eyes during the sales process.

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Sell Your House Fast For Cash - The Alternative Method

There are alternatives to selling your property on the open market. If you can’t afford to get any major repairs done yourself, but need to sell your property then it might be worth talking to a quick cash buyer. They’ll include all legal fees in the process and are guaranteed to take your property off your hands, whatever condition it is in. Although you’ll receive less than the market value of the property, you will receive a fair cash sum and a completion date that works for you. Get in touch with one of our team today for a no obligation chat to explain the process and tell us more about your property and why you need to sell it. It’s a simple, straight forward and hassle-free solution to selling your property.

  • Major repair work? No worries, we buy any home, in any condition, anywhere.
  • We cover everything, so you don't have to pay any of the typical fees involved such as solicitors.
  • We're cash buyers, which means you are guaranteed a quick sale.

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490 Reviews

Morgan Whysall

Abbie wills was absolutely amazing! Throughout a journey of ups and downs she has been the one to be chasing both sides of solicitors making sure we had a quick sale. Customer service Abbie has provided has been absolutely outstanding. Would recommend highly.

Posted 11 hours ago

Happy customer

Would highly recommend The Property Buying company if your looking for a quick sale hassle free. My property is complex because it only holds a short lease & because of this it wouldn't sell for the market value & only to a cash buyer. The property Buying Company have helped to change my world by purchasing it from me at obviously a much lower price than it would be if the lease had been longer but now I am able to purchase another property and move on. Elie has gone the extra mile in my opionion... he has worked so very hard to help me not only with the sale of my property but even with negotiating with the seller's of the property I am now hoping to buy! That's what I call great customer service!! Big thank you to Daniel and Charlotte too for their professional friendly customer service.

Posted 4 days ago

Nicola Walker

Abbie has been extremely supportive and professional through our house sale process. We Would highly recommend Abbie and the Property Buying Company! Due to complete very shortly, Thank you for excellent service😊

Posted 2 weeks ago

Philip Coley

Marc has been a joy to talk too over the past few weeks, no pushy sales like other companies I contacted. Looking forward to meeting Patrick once I’m back to full health. Philip Coley (Birmingham)

Posted 2 weeks ago

Malcolm Walker

Never heard of this company before but l have to say that the professionalism was superb from start to finish. Initially Jessica was my first port of call and again she was very helpful indeed. Our main contact after Jessica was Abbie Wills who was both extremely helpful,understanding and gave fantastic customer service deserves a pay rise.What a lovely lady.

Posted 2 weeks ago

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