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A cash house buying company who can buy in 7 days across the UK

About Property Solvers

They have been operating for over 18 years and are a fully regulated house buyer.

We’ve taken a look at everything you need to know about Property Solvers and their service for you below, and you can quickly navigate through each section using the links:

Who are Property Solvers?

Property Solvers are cash house buyers who have been operating since 2005, changing over time from a residential home seller to a fast house sale solutions for homeowners.

They are regulated by The Property Ombudsman & the National Association of Property Buyers and they buy across England and Wales.

As part of their core sell house fast service they say generally they can purchase a home in between 14 and 28 days and they can exchange in as little as 24 hours. They also will provide proof of funds if you require and the sale can be kept confidential if you prefer.

We’ll touch more on this later in the article, but Property Solvers also operate as a quick estate agency & online auction.

We'll buy your house in 7 days!

What service do they offer?

Although they primarily offer a sell house fast service, Property Solvers also have two other alternative services which they mention on their website.

These options allow them to offer the customer a few options dependant on what speed of sale and market value they require.

Sell House Fast – As a cash house buyer, they are able to buy your house in as little as 7 days, although they do state that they usually purchase between 14 and 28 days.

Quick Estate Agency

This is a slightly different take on a more traditional estate agent, they aim to agree on a price that will warrant a quick sale on the open market, using their expertise & they will also cover the solicitor costs.

Online Auction

They also offer an online property auction service that allows you to put your property live on an auction in as little as 21 days.

Where are Property Solvers based?

Property Solvers have their head office based in the Covent Garden area of London, their address is:

  • 71-75 Shelton Street

  • Covent Garden

  • London

  • WC2H 9JQ

What is their buying process?

As we’re mainly looking at Property Solvers as a cash buyer, we’ll look through the sell house fast service process according to their website.

  • Step 1

    Once you enquire you will have an initial chat with their team, at this point there is no obligation, they simply want to find out more about the property.

  • Step 2

    At this point, if you’re still interested in getting an offer they will look to research the value of the property – asking a series of questions and finding out more about your financial situation.

  • Step 3

    After which, you will be provided with an offer on your property for a quick sale purchase – they value your property and make the offer according to the HM Land Registry data to ensure they are getting accurate sold data rather than what estate agents estimate for the area.

  • Step 4

    If you’re happy with their offer then they will arrange for a face-to-face meeting and viewing of the property to assess it in more detail.

  • Step 5

    At this point the RICS independent survey will be arranged and take place, this will take no longer than an hour and usually highlights any potential issues in the property and provides a valuation.

  • Step 6

    Then when the RICs report is received a finalised formal offer is made, along with an expected completion date and if you accept, the instructing of solicitors.

  • Step 7

    Your solicitor will then send you a seller's pack to complete and send back as soon as possible, as well as requiring identification and potentially a few other certificates in relation to the house.

  • Step 8

    Searches will then take place, but if you opt for a quicker sale they will take an insurance policy out to speed up the purchase.

  • Step 9

    The moment the pack arrives on their desk, they aim to complete in 20-25 days, unless you’ve opted for a 7-day sale which will require extra paperwork.

  • Step 10

    The contracts are then drawn up at which point you can ask further inquiries.

  • Step 11

    Exchange & completion - they also offer post sale assistance

Property Solvers Reviews

This is the section we attempt to find reviews across the web from a variety of different platforms for the company we are looking at. Unfortunately, we’ve only been able to find the one review platform that Property Solvers appear to be on and there are a relatively low amount of reviews.

Property Solvers currently have 67 reviews on the platform, and they are highly rated at 4.99 out of 5.

Opening times

You can reach Property Solvers 24 hours 7 days a week through their emergency helpline, but their core working office hours are Monday to Friday – 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Pros & cons of Property Solvers

As with any service, there are pros and cons to consider – in looking through their website we’ve found some of their main selling points and some things to consider, which we’ve highlighted below:

✔ They can buy your home in as little as 7 days✖ They don’t have many reviews across the web.
✔ They are members of The Property Ombudsman and National Association of Property Buyers, so you know they are legitimate✖ Up to 75% of market value on their cash offer, which is lower than a lot of other cash buyers
✔ They will cover your solicitor's fees✖ There is some information that contradicts itself, on their Frequently Asked Question page it says they have been in the industry since 2005, but their Quick House Sale page says 2003.
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If you are planning on getting a no-obligation quote from Property Solvers – why not get one from us too for comparison purposes? Much like them, we are a cash house buyer with a variety of different sales options that can help you achieve the speed and purchase price you want. You can get an offer from us in as little as 24 hours with no obligation, it’s worth comparing, right?

Frequently asked questions

Have you read our overview, but still have a few questions about Property Solvers and their service? We’ve collected some of their most commonly asked ones for you below:

How much will Property Solvers offer for my home?

For their cash house sale service, they state that they offer around 75% of market value.

Are Property Solvers any good?

It’s hard to tell, from the reviews they have, it generally looks positive, but they have fewer reviews across fewer platforms than a lot of their competitors.

Can you trust Property Solvers?

Yes – at least from the outside looking in. They are members of The Property Ombudsman and the National Association of Property Buyers, which means they have to adhere to high standards and do right by their customers.

As leading property buyerswe buy any home!