Comparing Online House Price Calculators

Which is the best online calculator?

How do you decide which is the best calculator for you?

When it comes to selling, the first thing you may wonder is ‘how much is my house worth and after searching the internet you may have come across something called a house price calculator, making you question what exactly this is.

We’ve written a full guide on what an online house price calculator is, including what it does, where you can find them and a comparison of which is the best:

What is an online house price calculator?

An online house price calculator is a feature of a lot of property websites, where you’re able to get a rough idea as to what the value of your property is currently. You will be asked to enter in your postcode and a few details about your property, which the calculator will then take into account, including a few other factors, in order to estimate what your property is worth.

Online house price calculators are quick and easy to use and therefore convenient when you’re wanting a rough idea as to how much your property is worth. They can also be useful if you’re wanting to get an idea as to what your property is worth before an estate agent gives their valuation, so you know what to expect.

With this tool being called a ‘calculator’, this can be slightly misleading. The term calculator would make the user think that the answer is going to be very exact and correct, but this isn’t actually the case.

Each different house price calculator will give you a different value for your property, showing that none of the values given are exactly right and they’re all estimates based on the information they’re given.

Even estate agents’ valuations will all come in at differing amounts as estimations are all down to personal opinion, coupled with the fact that estate agents tend to overvalue your property in order to win your business.

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What does an online house price calculator do?

As we’ve mentioned, an online house price calculator gives you an estimation as to what your house value is. You will enter in your postcode and house number, and maybe some basic details about your property and the calculator will give you their idea of what your house is worth.

In order for the online house price calculator to give you a value for your property, there are multiple different factors it will take into account, alongside your postcode:

Sold house prices

A house price calculator will take into account the recent sold house prices in your nearby area as a way of estimating what houses in your area are worth. Recent sold prices are something that is public information on certain websites and so will give the calculator to know what the price range of your area is, allowing it to decide where your property fits into that range.

Market conditions

The conditions of the housing market are another thing that a house price calculator will counter into the decision on your house value. The property market has peaks and troughs, and this will play a role in what your property is worth in the current market.

If it’s a time when the market is hot and there are lots of buyers out there, the market will be classed as a seller’s market, meaning your property value will be increased.

Details about your property

Another thing that a house price calculator will take into account in order to give you a valuation is details about your property, such as the number of bedrooms, the house number, street name, house type (whether it’s detached, semi-detached, flats, etc) and the condition of the property.

You may also be asked whether or not you have a garden, how old the property is and what the parking situation is like for the property – whether it has a drive, street parking or no parking at all.

Nearby amenities

Nearby amenities will also be something that’s taken into account when estimating the value for your property. For example, if you’re close to schools, supermarkets or doctors, this will have a positive impact on the price of your property, meaning it’s likely your property value estimation will be higher.


The final thing that will be considered by a house price calculator is what your neighbourhood is like. For example, this includes things like the crime rate, broadband speed, flood risk and pollution levels.

If your house is undesirable in any of those areas, for example, if you live in an area with a high crime rate, then this will have an impact on your property’s value and will make it worth less.

Which is the best online house price calculator?

There are a wide variety of house price calculators online, making it hard to know whether they’re all the same and which will be the best for you. Here is our full guide on some of the most popular house price calculators:


Rightmove’s tool isn’t a house price calculator like the others, as it won’t give you a figure as to what you feel your property is worth but instead will give you details of sold house prices in your area and similar properties that are currently on the market.

Whilst this is useful information, you’re not given a straight figure as to what Rightmove feel your property value is and therefore may not be the best calculator to use if you’re wanting a quick rough valuation.


The Zoopla house price calculator provides you with a rough figure as to what your property is worth as well as a ‘high’ and ‘low’ figure to give you a ‘range’ as to what your property could be worth.

Zoopla is one of the most popular calculators and for good reason, as the figures they provide are based on data and they also provide you with estate agents who are able to come out to view your property to give you a more accurate valuation. Zoopla also tells you whether they have high or low confidence in the figure they’ve given you, allowing you to work out how much attention you should give their figure.

However, just like most online calculators, the valuation given doesn’t factor in recent works done on the property and the quality of the decoration of the interior.

HM Land Registry

HM Land Registry is one of the best and most comprehensive online tools available. It allows you to search for sold house prices going all the way back to 1995, showing it has a great history of data.

However, whilst it’s useful to know sold house prices, the tool doesn’t actually give you a rough valuation for your property and therefore probably isn’t the best online calculator if you’re just looking for a quick answer.


The Nationwide house price calculator provides you with an estimated figure as to what your property is worth based on the last valuation of your property and how long ago you received this. The calculator will work out how the market has changed over time in order to work out what the valuation for your property would be now.

Nationwide is one of the better online calculators as it uses a data record that stretches back to 1952, which is the longest unbroken run of data available. However, it won’t be a calculator that suits everyone as you will need to have had or remember a valuation.


Nethouseprices’ online house price calculator works in a similar way to Zoopla with it providing you with a high and low figure, with your valuation being the average or middle point of the two figures.

On top of this, you’re also shown recent sold property prices in your local area and there’s a feedback section where you’re able to have your say on whether or not you think their estimate is accurate.

This feature is extremely beneficial, as you have the chance to give feedback allowing Nethouseprices to work on this feedback and get more accurate valuations in future.

Property Price Advice

The Property Price Advice calculator asks for a lot of information, such as details about the property and its condition – something you’ll have noticed no other house price calculator does.

Once you have put in your details, you will receive an estimated price for your property, its previous sold price and the local average for all properties in the area and for comparable properties.


The final calculator we’re going to talk through is Yopa’s house price calculator which will give you a valuation using their external software company, ValPal.

Whilst Yopa is also a popular calculator, we wouldn’t class them as one of the best, with them asking for your email so they can email you the valuation and also try to book you in for a face-to-face valuation. They also don’t offer you any information about how they have come to their valuation or any comparables.

Online house price calculator vs us

If you’re looking for an online house price calculator, it’s likely because you’re looking to sell your property. This is where we come in, as we can help you sell your property in as little as 7 days! So, how do we compare to an online house price calculator?

Both an online calculator and us will take your postcode and house number in order to give you a valuation. We will also take a few extra details such as the number of bedrooms and your house type, which a lot of calculators won’t take, but we do this to get you the most accurate valuation possible.

Also, both an online calculator and us will give you an initial range as to what we feel the value of your property is. With an online calculator, though, this is as much detail as you will get, whereas with our service we will go away and do some more in-depth research and then come back to you with just one accurate figure as opposed to a range of what your property could be worth with no explanation.

Online house price calculators will use data which could be out of date, for example, it doesn’t take into account any works that have been done on the property, such as an extension or renovation on the interior.

This differs from us where we have a team of underwriters who look into your property in detail, using up-to-date information and we will work with you and listen to your feedback on what your property is like. This enables us to give you the most accurate offer for your property.

Another difference is that an online calculator will recommend estate agents that they suggest you should invite out to your property to give you a more accurate valuation. With us, we have our own regional managers with expert knowledge of the local areas to come and have a quick viewing of your property in order to make sure our cash offer is accurate.

Also, some house price calculators, such as Nationwide, ask you for the last known valuation for your property and how long ago this was given. This can be difficult if you don’t have or don’t remember the last valuation for your property. With us, we don’t ask for any information about your last known valuation or even if you’ve had someone else value your property recently – we do all our own work and investigation, so our offer won’t be swayed by anyone else’s opinion.

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Although we will consider certain factors when giving you our house price valuation, it won’t affect whether or not we will buy your property. We buy any property in any condition and our offer and level of customer service won’t be affected by your reason for wanting to sell quickly.

Our agents are experienced in working with a variety of customers who need a quick sale for many different reasons. We will appoint you a specific agent who will be your main point of contact throughout the whole process, helping you to feel reassured or supported.

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