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Purple Bricks

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Based in Solihull, Purple Bricks is a well-known online estate agents who claim they're number 1 at selling houses for 2 years running.

About Purplebricks

Based in Solihull, Purple Bricks is a well-known online estate agents who claim they're number 1 at selling houses for 2 years running.

Purple Bricks offer a free home valuation from one of their local property experts, whether this be a letting property or a sales property. There's no obligation to go ahead with them after the valuation.

Their website claims that they get your house on the market in the fastest possible way.

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Here's how you sell through Purplebricks:
  • Book a free valuation with a local property expert. Included in the valuation is comparable prices, the latest market data and their opinions on the best strategy to sell your home

  • You can meet your local expert and have their mobile number for instant contact

  • Once you instruct Purple Bricks, they'll take professional photos and create a floor plan and description. They'll also provide you with a for-sale sign

  • Purple Bricks will then list your home on the open market

  • Potential buyers can request viewings online and you can communicate with them about the best day and time

  • Through the app, you can get feedback and offers

  • Once you've accepted an offer, Purple Bricks' post-sales support team help you with conveyancing and completing

Purplebricks Fees

Purplebricks charge a fixed fee rather than a percentage. For London and surrounding areas the cost is £1,499 inc VAT, for the rest of the UK they charge £999 inc VAT. But what's included and what's extra?


  • Dedicated local property expert

  • Professional photography, floor plans and an advert

  • Your home listed on Rightmove, Zoopla and more

  • Property support team based in the UK

Optional extras:
  • Accompanied viewings, £399 in London and surrounding areas or £300 for the rest of the UK

  • House listing upgrades

What you need to know about Purplebricks fees

On an initial look, Purple Bricks is an attractive option as it offers a cheaper alternative for selling your house when compared to high street estate agents. But there is a reason behind why their service looks to be cheaper.

Unlike a ‘traditional’ estate agent, Purplebricks won’t automatically cover your viewings for you and will charge you extra for this privilege. If you live in London or surrounding areas then you will be charged an extra £399, or £300 if you live outside of London.

You will also have to pay an extra £360 if you choose their ‘pay later’ option and don’t want to use their conveyancing service. Even if you choose the pay later option, you will still have to pay the fee, even if your house doesn’t sell. You will also have to pay extra if you wish to have advert upgrades.

Purplebricks will offer no negotiation with their fees and no matter the price your house sells for, you will have to pay the same fixed fee. Some could say with there being no commission, Purple Bricks have no desire to get you the best price for your house.

Also, with Purplebricks being an online estate agent, the ‘local property expert’ valuing your property could be covering a 30-40-mile radius, meaning their local knowledge of your area will be limited, which could mean the valuation for your property isn’t accurate.

Purple Bricks reviews

Claiming they are the most reviewed estate agent ever, Purple Bricks have reviews on Trustpilot, Feefo, and more:

PlatformReviewsRating3 Stars & under

Reviews correct as of 14/10/2021

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Pros and cons of Purplebricks

✔ Great reviews on some platforms✖ Unless you pay extra, you book and hold the viewings yourself
✔ Fixed selling fee; if your home is of higher value it can pay off✖ Some review platforms rate them very poorly
✔ Flexible payment options✖ You communicate with potential buyers yourself 24/7

Purplebricks vs high street estate agents

Purplebricks will offer you a ‘local property expert’ to value your property, who may not actually be from the local area and may cover a 30-40-mile radius, meaning their knowledge of your local area is limited, giving you an inaccurate valuation.

A high street estate agent, however, will be local to your area and so the estate agent who comes to value your property should have good local knowledge and be able to give you a fair valuation.

Purplebricks will charge you a fixed fee, whereas a high street estate agent will work on a commission basis, meaning Purple Bricks will tend to end up a cheaper option. However, with Purplebricks, you will have to pay the fixed fee regardless of whether your property sells or not, unlike high street estate agents where you will only pay if your property sells.

With both Purplebricks and high street estate agents, there’s no guarantee your property will sell and you will have to deal with preparing your house for constant viewings, with no promise a viewing will turn into a sale.

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