PR & Brand Executive

PR & Brand Executive

We're looking to recruit a PR & Brand executive to join our expert, knowledgeable and established marketing team.


  • Company: The Property Buying Company

  • Job type: Full-time

  • Location: 4 Deighton Close, Wetherby, LS22 7GZ

  • Salary: £30,000.00-£40,000.00 per year

  • Apply: Click Here

We’re growing again! We are looking for an ambitious individual who wants to pursue a career in marketing and grow an exciting brand, using their skills in a company that is all about developing YOU.

What will you being doing?

As a PR & Brand Executive you will play a key role in the organic growth of our brand and acquiring links to improve our current SEO strategy. You will be working closely with the rest of the team to create, develop and deliver exciting PR campaigns in order to get high-quality and relevant pieces of global and regional coverage.

You will be responsible for devising and delivering standout campaigns and ideas that will generate interest, brand coverage and links.

A crucial part of the role is maintaining brand consistency across all of our online and offline channels, you will be our brand guardian and responsible for ensuring everything is aligned to our CVI.

You should be comfortable with gathering, researching and analysing data to generate creative campaign ideas and reporting as well as forecasting the performance of our PR campaigns on brand engagement and organic rankings.

You will be joining a team that is vibrant, resilient and extremely collaborative, both internally and across the business.


🞂 Competitive salaries & an excellent bonus

At The Property Buying Company we take pride in demonstrating our organisation's values, be that to our employees and customers. 

We offer competitive salaries as we recognise the value of our team’s contributions and understand that staying ahead of the curve is one way to foster a positive work culture where everyone feels valued and motivated.

🞂 Pension scheme & holidays

Our pension scheme has been created to provide long term planning and  financial security for our team. 

Our commitment to supporting our team beyond their working years, ensures they maintain their desired lifestyle way after their retirement.

There is 30 days annual leave including Bank Holidays.

🞂 Onsite gym & free parking

All members of our team have free access to use our onsite gym & car park.

We recognise the importance of prioritising the mental well-being and fitness of our employees. We aim to create an environment that supports the holistic wellbeing of our employees.

🞂 Team working & commitment to development

We firmly believe in the power of team working to enhance the performance of each individual, across departments. 

We encourage all individuals to share their unique perspectives, skills and expertise. As well as offering sure career paths, training and development.

Team working allows individuals to leverage the collective intelligence of the community, speaking creativity, innovation and problem solving.

🞂 Work socials

We organise frequent work socials for all departments, allowing everyone to connect with others they wouldn’t usually on a day to day basis. 

The work socials could range from in-work team building activities like table tennis tournaments and BBQ’s in the summer, to out-of-work day trips like going to the York Races, shooting days and Christmas parties.


You should have a result driven attitude and be passionate about helping the company achieve our goals. We are looking for someone with a proven track record of creating, managing and promoting successful campaigns. Are you ready to start your application process?

  • Schedule: Monday to Friday

  • Education: GCSE or equivalent (preferred)

  • Experience: 1 year+

How to apply

This role is currently open for applications and you can apply by calling us, filling in the form below or emailing

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