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What are the most expensive areas in Newcastle 2024?

Newcastle upon Tyne, known for its rich history, vibrant culture and lively urban life, is home to several expensive areas with high property values and luxurious lifestyles.

This article explores the most expensive neighbourhoods in Newcastle for 2024, looking at their property prices and what makes them stand out. 

From the bustling streets of Jesmond to the quiet avenues of Ponteland, we delve into the top areas where the city’s wealthiest residents reside.

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What are the richest areas in Newcastle?

Newcastle Upon Tyne, known or its rich history, wonderful culture and vibrant urban life, is home to several rich areas that boast high property values and luxurious lifestyles:


Properties in Jesmond had an overall average price of £230,246 over the last year. The majority of sales in Jesmond during this period were flats, selling for an average of £203,810. 

Terraced homes averaged £463,956 while semi-detached houses detached £577,653. Overall, sold house prices in Jesmond were down 15% from the previous year but up 10% from the 2021 peak of £337,301.

Jesmond is considered one of Newcastle’s most affluent areas, known for its grand, reputable atmosphere and vibrant social scene. The suburb features a mix of cocktail bars, burger restaurants, and quirky pubs. 

It attracts a diverse crowd, including moneyed families, young professionals, and working class people. Acord Road boasts posh clothing boutiques and cafes, while nightlife thrives around Osborne Road’s chic cocktail bars. 

Leafy Jesmond Dene Park, with its grand hotel, woodland and petting zoo, is a favourite amongst families. Formerly the home of industrial pioneer Lord Armstrong, Jesmond Dene House is now renowned for indulgent stays and refined afternoon teas. 

South Gosforth

Properties in South Gosforth had an overall average price of £281,152 over the last year. Terraced homes dominated sales, averaging £343,055, while flats sold for an average of £168,165. Semi-detached properties fetched £306,190. Overall, prices in South Gosforth were down 13% from the previous year and 7% from the 2020 peak of £303,451.

South Gosforth is prized for its excellent connections within and outside Newcastle, vibrant attractions, and green spaces. The suburb is well-connected, with the South Gosforth Tyne and Wear Metro station serving the area since 1980. This connectivity, combined with proximity to excellent workplaces and schools, makes Gosforth a desirable place to live.

High Heaton

Homes in High Heaton had an overall average price of £256,871 over the last year. Most sales were terraced homes, averaging £249,820, followed by semi-detached properties at £282,925, and flats at £157,722. Overall, prices in High Heaton were up 4% from the previous year and 15% from the 2021 peak of £233,975.

High Heaton, situated between edgy Byer and upmarket Jesmond, is a lively neighbourhood with a blend of grit and glamour. It is characterised by pretty red-brick houses and an artsy cafe culture. 

North Gosforth

Houses in North Gosforth had an overall average price of £280,046 over the last year. Semi-detached homes were the most common, selling for an average of £263,376 followed by detached properties at £410,210 and terraced properties at £256,027. Overall prices in North Gosforth were up 7% from the previous year and 9% from the 2021 peak of £256,272.

North Gosforth is a suburb and civil parish in Newcastle upon Tyne, located just north of the city centre. It has a population of 3,527, increasing to 5,629 according to the 2011 Census. 

Gosforth is an incredibly popular and affluent area, combining suburban living with ample green spaces and schools, and a short commute to Newcastle city centre, offering residents the best of both worlds.

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Which is the best area to live in Newcastle?

Quayside stands out as a vibrant and versatile neighbourhood, offering a unique blend of city energy and riverside charm. This trendy locale, particularly popular with young professionals, boasts an average property price of £153,707, with a range of options including flats, terraced houses and semi-detached homes

Some of Quayside’s best features include:

  • Thriving social scene: Quayside’s high-quality bars, restaurants and clubs cater to diverse tastes, while its bustling independent scene features weekly markets, coffee shops and a variety of food trucks.

  • Cultural centre: Explore renowned venues like the Sage concert hall and the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, or simply wander through the numerous galleries and discover local talent.

  • Picturesque riverside: Take a leisurely stroll across the iconic Millenium Bridget, marvel at the stunning views, and appreciate the leafy, family friendly atmosphere.

Quayside offers the best of both worlds: a booming urban hub with a relaxed riverside ambiance. If you’re seeking your next adventure, this might just be the place for you.

What is the most expensive postcode in Newcastle?

The most expensive postcode in Newcastle is NE69, with an average property price of £665,625. NE69 encompasses the towns of Bamburgh, Burdle, Glororum, Burton and New Shoreston. The majority of house sales in NE69 were terraced homes, selling for an average of £575,833, while semi-detached houses sold for an average price of £935,000.

Bamburgh, a village and civil parish on the coast of Northumberland, is known for its historical significance and steadily decreasing population. Between 867 and 954,  Bamburgh was the centre of an independent North Northumbrian territory. It remains one of the most important Anglo-Saxon archaeological sites in the world. 

Some other top contenders for expensive postcodes in Newcastle:

NE20: £543,506

The NE20 postcode, which includes Ponteland, Medburn, Belsay, Matfen, Kirkley, and Milbourne, is situated Northwest of Newcastle city centre and borders Newcastle International Airport. This area is rich in Roman and Anglo-Saxon history. 

The most commonly sold properties in NE20 are detached homes, with an average price of £725,936, and flats, which sell for an average of £185,250.

NE44: £523,811

Located West of Newcastle City Centre, the NE44 postcode covers Riding Mill, Beauclerc, and Healey. Riding Mill, near Hexham, boasts a railway station and frequent bus services to the city centre. The majority of sales in NE44 are detached homes, selling for an average price of £684,375.

NE18: £458,700

The NE18 postcode includes Stamfordham and lies Northwest of Newcastle City Centre, adjacent to NE20. This area is notable for housing the Albemarle Barracks, a British Army facility. Most property sales in NE18, are detached homes, often farms, with an average price of £684,375. Terraced homes sold for £467,933 and semi-detached homes for £273,000.

NE43: £388,367

NE43, covering Stocksfield and Mickley, is a charming area just west of Newcastle City Centre. The majority of house sales in NE67 were detached properties, selling for an average price of £572,053. Semi-detached homes sold for an average of £303,964, and terraced homes sold for £209,250.

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The 5 most expensive roads in Newcastle are:

Our research team has been diligently analysing the most expensive roads in Newcastle for 2024 utilising the latest sold data from HM Land Registry. While Grainger Street (£1,125,000), Henshelwood Terrace (£1,030,000) and Grey Street (£5,396,793) had the highest sales, they were excluded due to limited data (only one house sold on each). Similarly, Bridle Path (£875,000) and Kingsland (£906,830) were also excluded due to the same reason. 

Excluding these anomalies, here are the five most expensive roads in Newcastle:

1# Runnymede Road, Ponteland

The most expensive road in Newcastle is Runnymede Road, with an average house price of £2,211,143. Located in Ponteland, this prestigious street boasts some of the finest properties in the area. In 2024, the highest sale on this road was an impressive £945,000, reflecting its status as a highly desirable location.

2# Oakfield Road, Gosforth

The second most expensive road in Newcastle is Oakfield Road in Gosforth, with an average house price of £870,000. Gosforth is one of the wealthiest areas in Newcastle, attracting buyers seeking luxury and comfort. 

Although the highest sale on this road in 2024 was £810,000, the average price remains high due to a significant sale of £3,186,000 prior to our sample period. 

3# Moorside North, Fenham

Moorside North in Feham is the third most expensive road in Newcastle, with an average house price of £748,667. Fenham’s proximity to the city centre adds to its desirability. In 2024, the most expensive house sold on this street was £806,000, reflecting the area’s blend of convenience and upscale living. 

4# Willow Way, Ponteland

Willow Way in Ponteland is the fourth most expensive road in Newcastle, with an average house price of £662,500. Willow Way is a charming street, mostly made up of gated detached properties. The most expensive house to sell on this street in 2024, sold for £590,000. 

5# Beech Court, Ponteland

Rounding out the top five is Beech Court, also located in Ponteland, with an average house price of £660,000. Sharing the limelight with Runnymede Road and Willow Way, Beech Court features exquisite properties that attract many types of buyers. The highest sale on this road in 2024 was £748,667. 

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