Inheriting A House With Siblings And How To Sell It

Inheriting a house can be stressful, especially if you’re sharing it with siblings. This is because, in order to sell the property, all shareholders must give their consent. When people are in different financial situations, have different viewpoints or maybe don’t have a strong bond with their siblings, this may create tension.

The best-case scenario would be that all siblings agree to sell the property and they then split the money equally amongst themselves. Alternatively, if the property is in a good condition and can be rented out then all siblings can split the rental income. Regardless of whether siblings are united or against each other when it comes to their views on the property, no one person can force the sale and an agreement must be reached. It is possible for one person to sell their share of the property, either to another sibling or a third party, however, third parties are unlikely to want such a small proportion of a property, especially if it means sharing with warring family members!

If you’re in favour of selling, but other siblings want to keep the property then you can apply to the court requesting an ‘Order to sell’. To do this, you must write to each sibling that you share the property with, outlining exactly why you feel the house should be sold. Your siblings can then discuss or dispute the sale. If you were the only one wanting to sell then your argument must be compelling in order to win. Sometimes the best way to resolve this particular situation is to hold onto the property and own it together as either joint tenants or tenants in common.

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Joint Tenants

All siblings have equal rights to the property as a whole. If any sibling dies then their share automatically passes to the other siblings.

Tenants in Common

Each sibling owns a specific and defined proportion of the property As tenants in common, if all siblings agree that the house should be sold, then the income from selling the inherited property should be divided out between them according to what percentage they own.

If you’re selling an inherited property then you may have to pay Capital Gains Tax. To take the stress out of selling an inherited house that you own with siblings, why not consider a quick cash buyer? The Property Buying Company can buy your property in a timescale to suit you for a fair cash sum and all legal fees are included. This will take the stress out of the situation and free up some cash for you to use on another property or project. Find out more today.

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