• Joe
  • McCorry
  • Digital Marketing Executive

My name is Joseph McCorry, the Digital Marketing Executive at The Property Buying Company.

I have completed a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at a Distinction level and have a keen ambition to succeed and climb up the ladder in the marketing world. Outside of work I spend my time watching football or spending time with friends being a social butterfly.

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What experience do you have in property?

I’ve not had any direct property experience prior to this role; however, every day I am learning more about property and gaining a real passion for it. With a vastly experienced team around me I am watching and learning from them, slowly becoming more knowledgeable about property everyday.

What’s your role at The Property Buying Company?

I am a Digital Marketing Executive; my main role is to generate enquiries for our consultants to purchase properties. I do this by using a variety of different marketing methods which should hopefully help people looking to sell their property land on our website, and want to find out more about our service.

Why should customers want to deal with you (what makes you special)?

My role is pivotal to help us purchase properties as a company, but also help potential customers find our unique sale solution, which they may not have otherwise been aware of. This isn't my only role, generally trying to increase the traffic on our website and raise our brand awareness through our high-quality content that helps and informs our visitors is a major part of what I do.

The marketing team is crucial and I'm glad to have joined it and help grow The Property Buying Company with our fantastic projects and upcoming plans.

What’s been your proudest moment in your work life?

Being an Apprentice in my last place of work came with many difficult challenges that I had to overcome. The one hurdle I was most proud of overcoming was when I was tasked with the responsibility of creating and maintaining a client's WooCommerce website.

This responsibility was put on my shoulders, and I delivered it with great success leading to more profits and traffic for the client.

What’s been your most challenging moment?

The most challenging moment in my working career came when I was given the responsibility of overseeing all client websites at my last place of work. This included the creation and editing of all client websites while also maintaining them by myself.

On the flip side, this independent work taught me a lot of valuable skills and lessons that have helped me progress to the position I am in today and will take me even further in my career.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

If I’m not playing football, I’m watching it. Most of the time you can find me watching my beloved Manchester United on the weekends however, being a social butterfly, I love going out and socialising with friends when I get the chance.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

Cheerful, Diligent, Ambitious

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