Who Is Jack Bateson? And Why Do We Sponsor Him?

Written by Myles Hemingway

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We give you the lowdown on professional boxer, Jack Bateson, in the run-up to his latest fight againast Joe Ham, as part of MTK Fight Night

Boxing has always been a keen interest for us here at The Property Buying Company. Not only is it deeply competitive spectator sport that we make habit of watching in our spare time, but in many ways it also reminds us of the UK property market. Boxing is fast-paced, demands an immediate response as well as extensive training to fully master. So, when we saw Jack Bateson throwing punches in the ring, our ears pricked up.

Back then, Jack’s career as an boxer was developing fast. As you’ll learn below, he was (and still is) carrying an undefeated title, which we at The Property Buying Company are confident he’ll hold onto for many fights to come. In that moment, we also took the chance to sponsor Jack – a decision we’re incredibly glad to have made.

Since our sponsorship, Jack has made the leap from an amateur boxer to a fully-trained professional and is now managed by the boxing talent tycoons at MTK Global. To Team TPBC, he's also become a good friend.

However, one thing we also know about Jack is that outside the ring he’s got a keen passion for property. So with this mind, we let our CEO, Jonny Christie, give him a grilling on his career so far.

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Round 1: Jack Bateson's Background

  • Where did Jack Bateson grow up? And how did he get into boxing?
  • Did Bateson do anything before boxing?
  • What’s Jack’s favourite thing about boxing? And, who’s his favourite boxer – past or present?

    Round 2: Jack Bateson's Ambitions

  • What’s Jack Bateson’s ultimate goal?
  • What gives Jack Bateson the edge?
  • Is Jack Bateson a ‘Propertyholic’?

    Round 3: Jack Bateson At Present

  • What’s it like for Jack being managed by MTK Global?
  • Has Jack Bateson got any upcoming fights that we should be aware of?
  • Jack Bateson on the gym
  • What's diet like for Jack Bateson?

  • ROUND 1: Jack Bateson's Background

    Where did Jack Bateson grow up? And how did he get into boxing?

    “Well, as you already know, I’m a proper Leeds lad; I grew up in Moortown. That’s where I spent most of my childhood and found my love for boxing.

    “For most lads at school, sport was meant the typical rugby or football, but not me. Mark (my Dad) and Martin (my Uncle), were always into boxing – both competing as amateurs from being small until in their late teens, when they both switched their focus to coaching.

    “So, I grew up around the gym, watching as my Dad coach fighters - one of which was my older brother, Tom. He was the boxer of the family. He competed from a young age and I’d often go and support him both during training and when he fought. I don’t think there was ever much hope for me.

    “And yet, Tom abandonned his boxing pursuit at aged 12. Ever since, Dad would always ask me if I wanted to tag along to the gym. I was just 9 years old at the time.

    “It didn’t take long for me to catch the boxing bug. 2 years later at just aged 11, I was having my first fight and one year after that, representing my country against Ireland. At the time I had a growing record (14 fights unbeaten) and was quickly making a name for myself. But even so, I lost the fight on a close points decision. I’ll never forget the journey back (I cried all the way home).

    "Although looking back, that defeat was exactly what I needed, as it came with a great lesson: if I was going to make it as a professional boxer, I couldn’t afford to rest. I’ve lived and breathed boxing ever since.

    “Today I’m a 26 year old professional rated 11-0 with over 120 amateur fights under my belt. It still baffles me to think that boxing has been part of my life for over 17 years now!"

    What did Bateson do before boxing?

    “Before I started boxing full-time, I studied at college and even started University. One month into my course I was chosen to represent Team GB, which meant I had move to Sheffield to train as part of the squad. I spent 6 years on that squad, travelling the world and boxing for Team GB.”

    What's Jack Bateson's favourite thing about boxing? Who's his favourite boxer - past or present? And does he reckon he could knock them out in the ring?

    "Ask me and I’d say boxing is the toughest, but also the loneliest sport worldwide. And yet that’s my favourite thing about it – it’s all on you. You only get out what you put in.

    "Boxing is responsible for some my best life experiences to date. I’ve been to spectacular places, met so many great people and represented my country all through the sport. The list just keeps on growing.

    "And my favourite fighter? That’d have to be Sugar Ray Robinson. Even though he was way before my time, he’s the fighter who changed the way boxers think. Before Sugar Ray, most boxers fought more or less the same – they were sluggers - whereas Sugar's technique was far more technical. To me, the fighters who do things differently are the ones to watch. I know this because I do exactly that, watch them and learn from what they do.

    "I’m not entirely sure I’d fancy my chances against Sugar Ray, but I’d still give him a good go!”

    ROUND 2: Jack Bateson's Ambitions

    Where does Jack see his career going in the future? And what's his ultimate goal?

    “As with practically all boxers, my ultimate goal is to become a World Champion. But, that’s not all I’m aiming for at the moment. Currently, I’m busy working towards my short term goals (achieving the British title etc.) and taking life one fight at a time. However in the long run, I’m confident this approach will increase my chances of being named World Champion."

    Bateson's undefeated! So, what gives him that competitive edge?

    "Dedication. As anyone reading this will have probably guessed, boxing is an infectious obsession of mine that I look forward to living and breathing every day. What motivates me is my father. I know it sounds kind of cliché but I’m here to do him proud, as without his encouragement, I may not have become the boxer I am today."

    Is Jack Bateson into property? And would he class himself as a 'Propertyholic'?

    "I wouldn’t say I’m a Propertyholic just yet, but I’ve certainly got a keen interest in property. At the moment, this is more my Dad’s department, although I have picked up bits of D.I.Y. and property development from him over the years. He often buys properties to renovate, rent out or sell on. Nevertheless, when I achieve my goals in boxing, property is definitely an avenue I’ll be looking to explore.”

    ROUND 3: Jack Bateson At Present

    What's it like for Jack Bateson being managed by MTK Global?

    "To be managed by the best fight management team in the world is pretty ace if you ask me. Being part of their talent roster has enabled me to develop my professional career on so many levels and establish valuable connections with fellow boxers. I firmly believe that with their support, I'll reach and maybe even exceed my goals in my boxing career."

    MTK Global are experts in boxer management, relations, training and event promotions, designed to help boxers from all over the globe achieve their potential in the ring.

    What should you be aware of? Has Jack Bateson got any upcoming events planned?

    "Well, now that you asked, yes I do.

    "My next fight, against Joe Ham, is set to be aired on April 17th 2021, as part of MTK's Fight Night. Ham is by far the easiest of opponents, but rest assured I'll do everything in my power to set myself up to take the title. Ham, if you're listening, I ain't going down without a fight!

    "Just like my previous fight 'Back 2 Business' this event will be also held behind closed doors due to the Covid pandemic. But fear not. You can catch all the action LIVE and for FREE on the MTK livestream. Rest assured I’ll do my best to get you cheering in front of your screens.

    “All your support is greatly appreciated."

    Fancy watching Jack take on Ham live at MTK's Fight Night?

    Just Click Here

    How does Jack Bateson work out at the gym?

    "Training sits at the heart of what I do as a boxer. Without it, I probably wouldn't be where I am today. So, to help you out in the gym, here are some boxing-focused gym routines that I'd highly recommend..."

    Workout 1: Boxing solo

    • 5-10 minutes skipping to warm up.

    • 6x2 minute rounds on the punch bag with 30/60 seconds rest between each round.

    • 10 minute stretch.

    Workout 2: Boxing with a partner

    • 30 seconds straight punches.

    • Rest whiles your partner punches for 30 seconds and you hold the bag.

    • 30 seconds body punches.

    • Hold the bag whiles your partner does the same.

    • 30 seconds freestyle punches.

    • Hold the bag whiles your partner does the same.

    *Repeat 4 times!

    Workout 3: Treadmill hill sprints

    Set the treadmill at 15kph and interchange between running on flat and with an incline.

    • 15 seconds sprint

    • 45 seconds rest

    *Repeat 8 times.

    Workout 4: Treadmill run

    5km as fast as you can.

    (Advice from Bateson: Try to beat your time every week and set yourself strong targets.)

    Does Jack have any diet tips for us?

    "Diet is key to boxing. As a professional, I always have to stay close to my fighting weight in case I get the call to fight and have little time to prep.

    "My daily diet is as follows, but can differ depending on the intensity of my training:"

      • Breakfast – Porridge, eggs or a protein smoothie.

      • Lunch – Source of protein, few carbs & veg of some sort.

      • Dinner – Similar to Lunch, but with less carbs.

      *"I also drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day.

    "The majority of my meals are from Fitness Kitchen in Leeds. Their balanced meal plans not only ensure I don’t overeat, but also make life a lot easier when I’m at camp or busy training.

    "After a fight, I do indulge in the odd treat. For a week I break both my diet and training plan. A ritual that whilest rewarding, has taught me it’s a lot easier to put on weight than it is to loose it!"

    A HUGE thanks to Jack for agreeing to do this interview. All of us here at The Property Buying Company are rooting for you - Go Team Bateson!

    Want to know more Jack Bateson and his relationship with us as a sponsor?

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