Tips on staging your bathroom to sell

Written by Mathew McCorry

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When it comes to selling your home, your bathroom might be the last place you would think about staging. However, staging your bathroom before you show your home could mean the difference between a sale or a rejection. Although bathrooms aren’t usually the heart of your home, they can have a dramatic impact on your property’s value. Plus, buyers want a nice bathroom space that requires little work. So, when it comes to putting your house on the market, the last thing you want is a buyer to walk away because of a mould situation that could have been avoided!

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Here are some tips on how to avoid bathroom sabotage:


First things first – try and remove/store as many of your personal belongings as you can. Clearing the countertops will create more of a blank canvas for potential buyers to use their imagination.

If you lack storage space, you can always purchase some bathroom storage baskets. These don’t just look fab, they’re a very cost-effective way to keep your clutter out of sight and out of the mind of any potential buyer.

So, stash your rusty shavers, shampoo bottles and spare toilet paper away.

To add more storage space to your bathroom, consider putting up a shelf or two.

Shelves are an easy and cost-effective way to organise and declutter.

If you have a few extra pennies to spare, why not invest in some stylish bathroom furniture?

Mirrored cabinets and floor standing basins are both great pieces of furniture for storage and look great too.


Keep it clean

Once you have decluttered, comes the most important part – making sure your bathroom is as clean as possible. Nobody wants to walk into a bathroom and see somebody else’s toothpaste splattered around the basin.

So, scrub down all surfaces, open the windows to air out the room, empty all bins, take finger and dirt marks off the mirrors, even give the grout a good scrub down.

Finish off your cleaning with a fab smelling plugin or some sweet-smelling reed diffusers - both will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and viewing ready.

Once the room is clean, you then need to make it shine.

All bathroom fixtures including taps, tiles, bathtub and shower doors need to be sparkling.

If your shower curtain is looking a bit worse for wear take it down or invest in a new one. Ensure you have taken care of any damp or mould situations – as these are a massive turn off for potential buyers!

Create light and space

Light is a great way to create the illusion of space.

Make sure your bathroom has plenty of natural or artificial light to enhance the size of the room.

If your bathroom has windows, make sure the blinds are all the way up, allowing maximum light to enter the room.

No windows? No problem - you can always use lamps, spotlights or LED mirror lights to brighten the room up.

Take away unnecessary furniture that may be making your bathroom appear smaller. Items such as scales, bath mats or stools, seriously steal space and removing them will make your bathroom feel more open.

Another fab way to create space is using mirrors. The more light you can reflect, the bigger your bathroom will appear. Utilise a small space with a big mirror and remember the bigger the mirror the better!

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Adding a few new luxury items around your bathroom will give the room a revamp.

Add a nice-looking bottle of soap to the edge of your sink to add a splash of elegance.

Purchase some glass jars to pop things like cotton wool or earbuds in. Glassware enhances the clean effect you are aiming for!

Purchase some new towels – the fluffier the better.

Perfectly folded/hung towels are a nice feature that will complement your fresh vibe!

If you feel as though your bathroom is lacking colour, why not add a small leafy plant?

Plants are great to add a calm, tranquil feel to your bathroom. We would advise purchasing an artificial plant, to avoid mess and maintenance.


Investing doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune.

Look at ways you could create a fresh feel with some minor renovations. There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom look fabulous without breaking the bank:

Add bits of luxury bathroom furniture.

If you can afford to invest in a wall hanging vanity cabinet, then do it, as it will pay off in the longer term of your attempt to sell.

Combining some contemporary furniture could completely change the feel of the room. Replace old toilet seat covers, or if you can, the whole toilet! Installing a brand-new toilet will go down well with potential buyers.

If the walls look a bit dated, add a lick of paint. Just remember to keep your colour scheme as neutral as possible. Whites, creams and light greys are brill at generating a modern feel.

If you have some leaky taps, ensure you get them replaced or fixed. Nothing screams unkempt like a tap that doesn’t work. Remember, unless your buyer is planning on doing a full renovation, the majority of people like a house they won’t have to do huge amounts of work to!

And there you have it, a range of great tips for selling your house quickly with the help of your bathroom & of course, The Property Buying Company.

Now get in there and good luck making it all work out!

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