Postcodes Most Targeted For Burglaries Last Year

Written by Mathew McCorry

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One of the things you may consider when choosing an area to live is the crime rate. This is readily available online, and it can also be important to take into account the types of crime. Sometimes they may be relatively minor, but one you will want to watch out for is burglaries.

Even though you may be looking at 'nicer' areas, they could be targeted by robbers as they expect to find contents of higher value in the houses.

In this blog, we cover the hotspots for burglaries in the UK in 2019.

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Where is the data from?

The data is based on research from MoneySuperMarket on the number of claims they've had in different postcodes.

It found that compared to 2018, claims increased 2.5% where there were an average of 15.65 claims per 1,000 in 2018, and 16.04 in 2019.

Over the last two years, MoneySuperMarket looked into over 3 million claims on home insurance to find the areas with the highest and lowest number of claims for home contents theft within a 5 year period. As expected, urban areas had the highest number of claims, where 18 out of the top 20 hotspots were in the UK's 3 largest cities; 9 in Greater London, 4 in Greater Birmingham, 4 in Greater Manchester, and 1 in Bristol.

thief with a crow bar breaking into a door

Which postcodes fared the worst?

Top of the list was B5 in Birmingham, which includes Digbeth, Highgate and Lee Bank. These areas averaged 57.14 home contents theft claims per 1,000 quotes.

Second came B94, which covers Olton and Solihull at a rate of 52.63 per 1,000. Third was IG5, Clayhall, at 51.64. In fourth place was N21 (Winchmore Hill, Bush Hill & Grange Park) at 50.13. M21 (Chorlton-cum-Hardy & Firswood) took fifth place at 49.22.

Take a look at the postcodes by ranking:

  1. B5
  2. B94
  3. IG5
  4. N21
  5. M21
  6. BS7
  7. SK4
  8. B96
  9. WR12
  10. IG9
  11. SK8
  12. IG4
  13. B15
  14. E18
  15. M20
  16. RM14
  17. GU23
  18. NW11
  19. SE21
  20. IG7

A map of the UK

Which postcodes experienced fewest claims?

If you want to live in the lowest risk area for home burglaries, go for Leek, a Staffordshire town in ST13. This had just 0.69 claims per 1,000 quotes. The next safest postcodes were both Scottish; G84 at 0.87, and KY4 at 1.09.

Which postcodes claimed the highest value of contents?

Similar to those burgled the most, Birmingham and Greater London postcodes claimed for the highest values on average:

  1. B20 - £8,000 (Birchfield, Handsworth Wood, Perry Barr)
  2. IG7 - £6,000 (Chigwell)
  3. WD25 - £5,000 (Garston, Aldenham, Leavesden, Letchmore Heath)
  4. TW13 - £4,750 (Feltham, Hanworth)
  5. TW14 - £4,600 (Hatton)

When are burglaries most likely to happen?

stone house with autumn leaves

Someone robbing a house of course doesn't want to get caught. Therefore, as usual, 2019 saw the cold dark months getting more home contents insurance claims; 12% more in autumn than summer.

Are houses or flats targeted?

In 2019, there was a huge 70% higher likelihood of houses being targeted rather than flats. This is likely because houses have fewer occupants than a block of flats, plus less doors to get through. They're less likely to get caught!

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Why are burglaries on the rise?

wireless headphones laying on a table

There are more and more wireless and portable technologies coming about, making it easier for burglars to take what they desire. For example wireless headphones, smartphones and tablets.

Bear in mind these results are based on insurance claims, and therefore more likely to be in areas with more money. Areas with less money are less likely to have home contents insurance and therefore any burglaries here wouldn't have counted towards this data.

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