How To Write A Good Property Listing

Written by Myles Hemingway

Myles is our self-confessed ‘word nerd’ and property geek. You’ll find him mythbusting everything from mortgages to maisonettes, as well as giving you our spin on the latest property news and industry trends.

People always say that first impressions matter. That’s why you want to make sure when you list your property to sell, you present it in the best light possible. Some estate agents may write it for you but it’s best to check it over for accuracy and any changes you may want to make. Alternatively, you could be creating the listing yourself and could use this blog maximally.

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Never be dishonest about your property. Claiming it’s bigger than it is or in better condition would only result in a waste of your time and the other party’s when it came to a viewing. It’s best to be as accurate as you can, and even mention the bad points of the property but in a way that turns it into positives such as being a fun project to fix.


Descriptive words are a brilliant tool to add some life to your property description. Beware not to overuse adjectives though, as this can come across as distracting or less believable. It can be a hard one to balance, but if you manage it you should be able to reap the rewards.


There are certain words which are commonly used in property descriptions to mask issues. For example, the word ‘cosy’ often insinuates ‘small’. There’s been a study on detrimental words for a property listing, which include ‘fixer’, ‘TLC’ and ‘cosmetic’. These all indicate that lots of work is needed on the property, which isn’t what everyone is looking for. Furthermore, they may result in buyers thinking there is plenty of room to negotiate on price because this or that needs fixing. If your property does actually need lots of work doing to it, then you can use these words but be sure to price it appropriately. Words you should look at including, only if appropriate, are those associated with luxury. For example ‘an impeccable first floor bathroom’ or a ‘landscaped garden’.


If there are any unique features in your property, don’t forget to highlight them. For example an original fireplace, or stained glass.

Grab potential buyers’ attention with high-quality professional photos. Taking photos on your phone will likely not look as great as a professional camera. Many estate agents will take these photos for you.


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