Accio Property: Rupert Grint and His £13 Million Portfolio

Written by Mathew McCorry

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Rupert Grint, best known for his major role as Ron Weasley in the forever popular Harry Potter film series, invested in property with his earnings. At the age of 24 he reached a property portfolio of £12.9 million. At such a young age, this is an impressive profile. But just how did he do it? What types of property does he own and where?

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How Rupert manages his property income

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With the help of his dad, Grint set up a company called Eevil Plan Properties to help manage the money from his portfolio. Rupert and his dad, Nigel, are co-directors of the company which is based in Worcestershire. As well as Eevil Plan Properties, Grint owns Clay 10 to manage his earnings from film.

Where are Grint's properties located?

Houses in Hertfordshire along a river

The Harry Potter star's entire property portfolio is situated within just a 20 mile radius in Hertfordshire. At the centre of London's commuter belt, Hertfordshire can be ideal to invest as properties are so expensive many people have to rent.

Three of Rupert's properties are located around his home village of Watton-at-Stone, and make up £9.2 million of his portfolio. Another 3 on top of these are registered in his parent's names, Nigel and Joanna.

Where do Rupert and his parents live?

If you were a millionaire where would you live? Most likely a mansion. Rupert purchased a 16th century mansion for his parents at a price of £3.35 million, and nearby bought his own 18th century mansion for £5.4 million.

Rupert's home has 6 bedrooms, 5 reception rooms, both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and 22 acres of land.

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What does Grint do with his properties?

Rupert and his dad co-purchased a detached house for £495,000 which is rented out. The Grints worked their magic renovating the house after buying it, and receive more than £2,700 per month from the tenants.

Rupert's parents own a townhouse in Hertford which they paid £975,000 for. They run this as a boutique hotel which adds to their income. His parents also own £2.7 million in 2 large farmhouses.

Where is Rupert Grint now?

Rupert, now aged 31, is still pursuing his acting career. Since Harry Potter, he's starred in a TV comedy-crime show called Sick Note where he's misdiagnosed with a fatal disease and notices how everyone treats him better. In 2018, Rupert appeared as an inspector in The ABC Murders mini-series. Starting in 2017 and continuing into 2020, he plays a major part in Snatch, a comedy-crime TV series, where he plays a hustler taking part in organised crime.

According to IMDB, Rupert has won 3 awards and been nominated for 14. The most recent win was in the People's Choice Awards, USA, where he won Favourite Ensemble Movie Cast in 2012 with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. When he was much younger in 2002, he won Outstanding New Talent in the Satellite Awards, and Most Promising Young Newcomer in the Young Artists Awards. Since 2012, Ruper Grint hasn't been nominated for any awards.

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