It’s the start of a new year and everyone has resolutions they hope to keep. Here at The Property Buying Company, we are always thinking of simple ways to improve how we live, including how we look after our homes. If being more energy efficient is on your list of resolutions this January then take a look at our simple guide of how to do that. Sometimes small changes can make a massive difference.

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Get a Smart Meter Installed

A lot of energy suppliers are encouraging their customers to get smart meters installed. They are a great way to learn about where you’re using the most amount of energy in your home and can help you to budget more effectively. Some of them also have thermostat features that enable you to manage your heating from a smartphone or tablet which means you’re not having to mess about with timers or waste energy.

Use a Lower Temperature When Washing Clothes

A lot of modern washing machines have ‘eco’ settings, but, if they don’t, then try turning the temperature down to achieve a more energy efficient wash. Using a shorter cycle and a higher spin will also cut down on drying time and may mean you get to avoid sing your tumble dryer altogether. There are a lot of washing detergents out there now that work just as well at lower temperatures so your washing quality won’t be compromised.

Install an Energy Efficient Boiler

Our boilers are one of the most important things in our home and shouldn’t be ignored. As soon as anything happens to them you realise just how much this is true. Although installing a new, energy-efficient boiler may seem an expensive purchase, you will find that you reap the rewards in due course when your bills become lower as a consequence. Around half of what you spend on energy every year is directly down to your boiler so having one that can lower the cost of your bills is a real game changer.

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Update Lightbulbs

Halogen, LED and compact fluorescent lamps are much more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs which have been phased out since 2014. Seeing as we have nearly 40 bulbs in our homes, on average, think how much you could save on electricity bills if you make a more energy-efficient choice. Think When Using Appliances

There are some even simpler ways to become more energy efficient at home:

• Don’t leave your TV on standby • Switch off lights when you leave a room • Don’t leave plugs switched on unnecessarily • Allow your fridge plenty of ventilation and don’t pack it too full • Don’t boil a full kettle each time if you don’t need all of the water • Always check the energy efficiency of new appliances that you buy

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